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Jan 6, 2013 07:42 PM

2 roast ducks....what to do....

So on a day trip to NYC, among other delicacies, I brought home 2 chinese roast ducks from Corner 28 in Flushing. I usually just pick off the meat and make an amazing stir fry and use the bones for stock. Anyone have any other ideas? can I freeze the meat?

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  1. One of my favorite preparations with left over roast duck is congee with shiitake mushrooms.

    1. Freezing the meat is certainly better than forgetting about it and having to throw it out.

      Save the bones for stock/congee

      I prefer more simple dishes...just as if they served them in Chinatown @ lunch on a plate or bowl. Roast Duck atop rice with some vegetables like Snow Pea Pods, Gai Lan, Mustard Greens, Bitter Melon or Napa Cabbage.....or atop a bowl of Noodle Soup

      1. If I can ask how much for a roast duck ? at Corner 28

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        1. definitely save the bones for stock or broth. i had 2 ducks' worth of bones in the freezer. bought about 10 duck heads and a package of chicken feet. along with some ginger, garlic and hot peppers this all just made amazing bone broth!

          for the meat, you could make an asian-inspired hash or stuff spring rolls or wonton skins with some duck shreds, cabbage, scallions and julienned carrots. these can be made in big batches and frozen too.

          1. Makes a good sandwich - mix with a little hoisin and top with sliced cucumber and spring onions.