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For those who remember Danhole

For those who remember Dani (Danhole) a frequent contributor and occasional moderator here, I have this update to share - she has been ill for some time now, and yesterday her husband told me that she has been moved to a hospice here in Houston. I first met her here on Chow, and she became a great and special friend to me. Her family is hurting (two great daughters and 3 darling grandchildren), and for those of you inclined to do so, a few prayers would surely be appreciated.

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  1. She is such a sweetheart, I will say quite a few prayers for her.

    1. Definitely sending prayers. Thanks, Cheflambo.

      1. I don't know the person but prayers are being sent. God bless.

        1. So sorry to hear this news. I first noticed Danhole because of her awesome avatar, and I really enjoyed her posts. Here's her reasons why she thought said avatar reflected her; made me smile: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5847...

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            Danhole comment and all that followed sure make the argument now for keeping avatars in place. That thread is dreadful without them.

            the HillJ crew sends all their prayers to Dani and her family.

          2. My heart sank reading this-my thoughts and prayers are with Dani & her family.

            Thank you grayelf for the reminder about her avatar.

            1. Thank you for posting this. It is news that I have been fearing we would hear for some time.

              I never met Dani but she joined me on another website on which I was a moderator and where we had the ability to PM others and we exchanged emails for some time.

              She was a mainstay of the Houston board a few years ago and one of the biggest reasons it was so active. Always with lots of good knowledge to share and always willing to learn, she also was very admirable in her ability to cope with the inevitable disagreements that pop up from time to time. I know from recent emails with her that she brought that same spirit to her health struggles.

              I very much miss her on CH and I know her family must be really hurting. Prayers to all.

              1. I do recognize the name and her posts (didn't know she was a mod). if her family sees this, please know she is well regarded and respected. I refuse to put any comment into the past tense but my deepest thoughts are with the state of the family.

                1. I do remember this poster's name. So sorry to hear this news. Prayers on the way from me. sigh.... life is hard sometimes.


                  1. Thoughts and prayers and best wishes.

                    1. So very sorry to read about Dani. Prayers will be said for her and all her dear family.

                      1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending good thoughts to her and her family. And thanks to grayelf for the reminder of her avatar and explanation.

                        1. This is terrible news. I had hoped she would pull through all her health difficulties, and I'm deeply saddened to hear she is not.

                          1. Dani was such a knowledgeable, generous and enthusiastic contributor here that when we didn't hear from her for so long, I'm sure we all suspected things were not going well. I miss her, and will, indeed, remember her and her family in my prayers.

                            Thanks for the update and, if you're in touch with either her or her family, please give them my best.

                            1. Thank you for posting this.

                              I have missed her posts - it has been a few years now iirc.

                              I developed a fondness for her through her posts. Her genuineness came through in such a way that I always felt she would be someone I'd enjoy in "real" life.

                              Please let her know she has not been forgotten here in chowland!

                              I'll be sending her and her family good wishes and prayers.

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                                I went to her profile and it looks like this is her most recent post, from Sept 2012: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8656...

                                What a great tip!

                              2. I remember her --lovely person-- and am so sorry to learn this news. Sending more than a few prayers from St Paul, MN to dear Dani and her family.


                                1. I'm so sorry to learn this, and will keep her and her family in my thoughts. She always showed such good humor in her posts.

                                  1. Prayers sent immediately. I never met Dani, but loved her posts. Dani turned me on to Pierson's BBQ, prayers for Mr. Pierson as well.

                                      1. I will pass all your messages on to her family. She's resting comfortably. He daughter brought her favorite cat to the hospice for a visit today and she brightened up a bit.

                                        It was through this venue (Chowhound) that she and I met. We kept posting about the same places and things on the Texas board (this was before Houston had its own site). We discovered that we were practically neighbors, and joined up with a few others to establish the Houston Chowhounds, a Yahoo group that has grown to 800 members. Dani was always up for a new restaurant adventure, because her husband was such an unadventurous eater. She taught me that you can still love a man who eats like a little kid, and explore new things on your own. Last time I visited her house back in April, I was sharing some of my chopped liver - she was trying to gain some weight before one of her first surgeries, and she LOVED it and said so many times.

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                                          How sad this all is but thanks for letting us know.

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                                            I posted on her Facebook page but in case she's not reading that, please let her know she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

                                          2. Sad to hear this news. All good wishes and prayers for her and her family.

                                            1. Not a good place to be, but hope it helps her to know that she is loved by many.

                                              1. Heartbreaking when a beloved member of the chows is so terribly ill. :(


                                                1. Oh how sad. I hope that they are able to make her as comfortable as possible. And hope that she is still able to appreciate good food.

                                                  1. Update - we said our goodbyes to Dani today - a memorial service was held at her church this morning. She lost her battle late Sunday evening, 1/20. Her family deeply appreciates your thoughts and prayers.

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                                                      Too many great Hounds dying before their time.

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                                                          Even though we knew this day was near, it's still is so hard to read... thank you chef for letting us know.


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                                                              Rest in peace, dear Dani. My condolences to her loved ones.


                                                              1. This is the first thread I opened this morning. How sad to read about Dani's passing. Sending my condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

                                                                1. ~Dani, you were always a real sweetie-pie. May you rest in Peace.

                                                                  1. Very sorry to hear this very sad news.

                                                                    1. I'm terribly late to this thread but I remember her posts as well and am very sad to read this news. I wish there were more ways to update each other about things like this, there may be other regular posters that have disappeared and nobody knows why. I don't know any CHers outside of the site and it's too bad.

                                                                      May she rest in peace