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Jan 6, 2013 06:37 PM

24 hours in San Diego

Flying in for a quick meeting later this week. Arrive around 10pm. Staying in Gaslamp Hilton. Need a nice place for dinner and drinks Thursday nearby before hoping on a redeye at 1050pm back east.

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  1. Not knowing your preferences or price range, I'm just going to go ahead and recommend either Jsix or Bice for dinner and Noble for drinks. All within walking distance of the Gaslamp Hilton.

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      Concur with Ipsy on Jsix, Noble for drinks..maybe Grant Grill at US Grant hotel and the after dinner drinks at Top of the Hyatt.

    2. cowboy star, another block or so away

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        Followed by Knotty Barrel for drinks

      2. One of my favorite spots for amazing quality cocktails without all the noise and crowds is El Dorado before 9pm. It is in the East Village in an unassuming place on Broadway between 10th and 11th.
        My husband and I are there almost every Friday, and we are NOT downtown fans... The service is impeccable (Matt, Miranda and the crew really know how to take care of their customers), and they know how to craft a quality drink based on your tastes. HH goes till 9 for their specialty drinks, but even if you order something not on the menu it's only $9 and they use some top shelf booze. The Gold Rush is my current fave.

        After 9 the dj starts up, the hipsters come in and the scene changes. But if that's your thing, you may like it.