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Jan 6, 2013 06:01 PM

Le Creuset pot and grill pan review. Finally bought my first Le Creuset.

After many years of admiration, I have finally begun my unhealthy Le Creuset obsession, which will conflict financially with my knife obsession.

I have actually over the last year acquired a fair number of Le Creuset items (salt and pepper shaker, tea spoon set, small ramekins, roasting pan) but had yet to actually buy anything enameled cast iron.

This changed when I took advantage of New Year's sales here in Japan. I went to the outlet here and they had, in my opinion, a pretty good deal. 3.3 litre round cobalt blue pot, cherry double rectangular grill, and a silicon pot holder/trivet for $260. I know the cobalt blue is discontinued, and it was my favourite colour (much much much to my fiancee's discontent) and so I finally took the dive and bought it.

My favourite cookware so far, by far, on my induction unit. The grill works amazing. I have read of problems with cleaning but I have not experienced any issues as yet, though I have only used it three times (twice for steak, once for fish)

The pot I have only used twice, but so far I love it. I made oden in it. which was great but didn't take advantage of any of its browning properties. Last night I made a Japanese curry and browned the beef at the start. Worked so well. The heat is so even and amazing. Have had no problems with cleaning yet and look forward to using it a great deal in the future.

Even the roasting pan I got which is a cherry oval one is working well, though it is just stoneware. I will be making a doria in it tuesday for some people visiting and will make soup in the pot and I will maybe grill shrimp or something so I use everything :P

The 3.3 Litre is just big enough, definitely I will eventually get a larger one in the future, in a colour my fiancee will be much happier with (yellow or pastel green)

The dish in the roasting pan is a weet potato dish. The sweet potatos are a very different colour here in Japan, and it later got topped with pecans and a butter/brown sugar mixture so looked much more appetizing.

edit: I tried to add pictures but could only add one at a time? and now I can't add any in edit?

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  1. Trying pictures again.

    1. We have an ancient (35 yr old?) dutch oven similar to the one you have and just made a fantastic risotto milanese in it. You will use it forever.

      1. Congratulation TeRReT, they look great. As for cleaning, if you ever have stains on them, just clean as usual, and do not try to get them sparkling white. The worst you can do is over-clean them.

        For your grill pan, how did you use it? In the oven or on your induction cooktop. Thanks for sharing your cookware photos.

        1. The grilled food looks great. I received a square Staub grill pan and press for Christmas so now I'm thinking about making grill marks on all my meat :)

          Braises are great in your DO. You can find a ton of braising recipes over on the home cooking thread, just search for braising and most of the threads will talk about Molly Steven's "All About Braising" book. It's really good.

          That said, what you cook doesn't have to be fancy at all! A pot of soup, stew, or chili works wonderful in a DO. :)