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Wedding Cake - Recommendation Burlington/San Mateo/Palo Alto

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Looking for a recommendation for a wedding cake bakery on the Peninsula. On YELP I've seen recommendations for The Cakery... has anyone tried it or have other suggestions?

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  1. The Prolific Oven in downtown Palo Alto!

    1. I have ordered from The Cakery and definitely recommend them. They did a custom cake for my son's birthday many years ago and it was terrific. I brought in the paper plate I was going to use and they matched the artwork perfectly (it was a Sesame Street theme).

      I've also ordered custom cookies and will do so again soon for a baby shower.

      1. I really like Satura Cakes but I've never done such an important order (e.g. wedding cake) with them. Same with Pamplemousse in Redwood City.

        1. http://elegantcheesecakes.com/weddings They are in half moon bay so I know it is not the Peninsula but they are really really good and can do a combo of cake and cheescake. Don't think of it as a Cheesecake factory pie

          In San Mateo


          1. @350 Degrees
            Really reasonable pricing, nice details on the work

            1. No experience, but check out Studio Cake in Menlo Park. Fancy stuff, no idea about the taste.

              1. What did you end up going with? :)