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Jan 6, 2013 03:46 PM

Cronfelts Loganberry Crystal Beach

For all of you zoomers who use to frequent Crystal Beach on Lake Erie in the summer time you will certainly remember the drink that made Crystal Beach famous and was available at every concession. For many years the supermarkets and many other retail stores always carried Cronfelts Crystal Beach syrup. Today it is almost impossible to find in any store. I had heard that Sobeys still carries it but I went to Sobeys on Clark St. in Thornhill and they have never heard of it. So the word goes out to my fellow chow hounds. Does anyone know where to buy Cronfelts Loganberry. It would really make me happy to be able to find it again. Many thanks for your input

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  1. Summer in the rickety cottage community of Crystal Beach, Ont. In the '50s, '60s and beyond. Wandering the beach by day, the amusement park by night, often with a purplish loganberry juice in hand. I also recall those halcyon years with fondness. Mama, that drink was good. But gone, all gone, lost in time. Including the loganberry juice. Haven't seen it in decades. Like you, I'd be intrigued to learn if it still exists. I suspect not. The closest I've come to it in its addictive sweet/sour flavour is Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice.

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      OMG such memories!!!

      There is someone in St Lawrence Market that carries Loganberry juice. I dont know if its Cronfelts but it sure tastes like what I remember.

      A friend got some for me. I will find out which vendor and report back.

    2. i dont know about availability in toronto but the loganberry drink syrup is still around and available in the stores at crystal beach, even more so stateside in niagara falls and buffalo area where it is still popular if you are ever there you can find it in tops market.

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        There is a vendor at St Lawrence Market selling loganberry juice.

        Although I don't have his name, he's on the basement level north of the stairs and entry doors in between 2 veggie vendors.

        And it tastes just like it did way back when.....

      2. They used to have it at Pusateri's on Avenue Road and they may still have it but I just haven't checked lately. In the produce section, look along the bottom shelves. It was under the navel oranges the last time I saw it, about a year ago.

        Good luck. I grew up on the stuff because my parents loved it.

        1. I grew up in Ridgeway (right next to Crystal Beach) and you can still buy Cronfelts Loganberry syrup in all grocery stores in Greater Fort Erie. I don't think it goes much further north than Niagara Falls though. If you're in Thornhill you're probably out of luck. But if you're back visiting Fort Erie for the syrup you can but it in small bottles or in 4 litre jugs. I live in Brampton now and visit my parents quite often and always remember to pick up some loganberry syrup when I go.

          1. So, I live in Ridgeway, Loganberry is a staple in my house and lately been having a hard time finding it. Just heard that it is no longer being made. Makes me said, really a piece of my childhood that is going obsolete. What is the world coming to when we don't even have nostalgia left??