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Jan 6, 2013 03:35 PM

Recs at Stolichnaya Bakery on Fairfax & SM Blvd.?

Recently paid my first visit to Stolichnaya Bakery & was somewhat overwhelmed -- in a good way! -- by the jam-packed display cases. Do any of you have recommendations for things that are especially good or unique here? I love the chocolate almond cookies & the rye bread so far. Am wondering about the array of unusual-looking coffeecakes, all the other pastries & the more decorative cakes. And how are their brownies? Thanks for any tips!

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  1. This goes back a few years, but when I lived down the street, this was my go-to spot for hamentashen and generic white bread, which they'll slice. I think I tried other bread types and they weren't that great. Honey cake's good, anything with poppy seed is good. I don't really like chocolate, so haven't tried this, nor the decorative cakes. It's sort of a work-a-day bakery, not a fancy-cake place, but glad it's still there.

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      I'd say the same. The bread has always been good, especially the rye, but the pastries don't hold up to the competition these days.

    2. Not sure how to spell it --only how to eat it: Chocolate Babka.
      a tall coffee cake filled with dark chocolate. Kind of like eating a chocolate croissant only bigger. I took a friend there and she ate the whole thing in the back seat before we even got home! Luckily I bought my own.