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Jan 6, 2013 03:30 PM

Sweetie fruit. Ever try?

Saw a Jaffa Sweetie fruit in the store the other day. Never saw one so had to try it. It looks like a green grapefruit and is from Jerusalem .
The pith and skin are much thicker than a grapefruit . I cut off the skin and pith nd sectioned it like I would a grapefruit . It ended up about the size of a medium orange . The flavor was much sweeter than a grapefruit. Googles it and found it's a cross between a pummelo and a grapefruit. Has anyone tried this, if so, what did you think? At 2.00 for one, I'll wait for a sale.

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  1. We get them in Tokyo most of the time. They are imported from Israel. We peel them, and pull the sections apart, then peel each section and eat just the fruit without the membranes. Quite delicious.

    1. Bought a whole sack of them from Costco. The juice has many health benefits and is fabulous with gin!

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