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Jan 6, 2013 03:10 PM

Good Food and Cocktail Lounge/Bar Together - do they Exist?

coming to NYC first weekend in Feb. Looking for a good foodie dinner, that also will double into an after dinner cocktail lounge. Does such a place exist? Or, is there a great restaurant with a cool lounge, no more than a block away?

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  1. The restaurants with the best cocktail programs AND food are probably:
    Empellon Cocina
    Momofuku Ssam Bar / Booker & Dax
    The NoMad

    If you really need to be in a different physical room, the The NoMad would provide the most contrast. You could have dinner in the Parlor or Atrium and finish at the bar or Library Room. Also the food is excellent.

    I also love Booker & Dax but it's not as comfy. The bar is all counter / high top seating and is connected to Ssam Bar by a short hallway.

    1. Maybe Stanton Social? I lke the food there I'm not enough of a coctail person to comment, but food and "lounge-like" ambiance exist.

      Btw, Momofuku Ssam imho doesn't have anything that resembles a lounge.

      1. Just don't.

        This is a city that has great restaurants and great cocktail bars.

        You don't need to compromise by combining them.

        1. As re Momofuku Ssam; kathryn was referring to going to Momofuku Ssam and then going to Booker & Dax after (it's next door). While I wouldn't consider it a lounge, they have an excellent cocktail program, and thus would fit the request for good food and cocktail bar.
          NoMad is an excellent choice; if you want to do a lounge-type atmosphere, you could consider going to their "Library," though I believe they only serve their small plates there.
          Another option would be WD-50 if you enjoy more avant-garde cuisine; great cocktails in addition to the restaurant itself.
          One question to the OP would be what is more important to you: a cocktail "lounge" atmosphere, or truly good/inventive cocktails? Many of the best cocktail bars in the city I would not consider to be lounges per se.

          1. I can't really think of a cocktail bar that serves great food, but there are definitely some great restaurants serving nice cocktails. For your second question about a great restaurant with a cool lounge a block away, how about Kyo Ya? You have two great cocktail bars right around the corner, Death & Company and Mayahuel.