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Jan 6, 2013 03:06 PM

Dual use Fagor pressure cooker/fryer question

I have an old 6 qt. fagor pressure cooker/fryer that can use either oil (for broasting) which is what I like to do , or I can use water to make an artichoke, etc. where do I find the dual use (oil or water)? I am getting confused looking on Internet . I really just want to do my broasted chicken again on stovetop with pressure/fryer

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  1. If you're referring to the Fagor model with the clamping bar across the top, I believe it is (or used to be) marketed as the "Fagor Pressure Magic" cooker and/or the "Fagor Supercooker." You could try Googling those names to get a source for the instruction manual. Hope this helps.

    1. You're confused because manufacturers, like Magefesa, are still making and selling those pressure cookers. However, the manufacturers no longer market these cookers as pressure fryers because of the liability.

      Here's one:

      Good luck on your hunt!



      P.S. Both Magefesa and Fagor are brands of Groupe SEB.

      1., is a name to contact that carries the Fagor pressure cooker/fryer for making broasted chicken (the manufacturer emailed me )

          1. Hi. Not all Fagor pressure cookers can deep fry in oil or broast. To broast it has to have the extra thick bottom of a pressure fryer. My ancient Fagor pressure fryer was marketed by SEB under the name Rapid Chef. A similar model is currently marketed under the name Pressure Magic. My 6 quart finally died because the gasket split after 30 years of weekly use. The dual use is regular moisture-dependent pressure cooking and oil pressure deep frying. Successful broasting with small amounts of oil and water is dependent on the temperature you can get your cooktop down to. If you have a true pressure fryer, cookbooks for the Pressure Magic will work fine and include broasting. You can purchase one from See also my post on chowhound about pressure fryers by worldcook.