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Jan 6, 2013 01:50 PM

Fried pizza

Who's had neoploitan fried pizza? And is it worth the hype ?

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  1. I had deep fried pizza in Scotland. It certainly wasn't Neapolitan. It was ok. I love pizza, but regular pizza ordered from a local delivery joint (the local delivery joints are average at best) is equivalent or better. There's no reason to fry pizza.

    1. I've had it at two different Manhattan restaurants, Don Antonio & Montanara. You can read a mess of opinions of both (mine included) here:

      I usually prefer a thin crust, but it's nice to have this option as well.

      1. Is fried pizza the same thing as Connecticut hot oil apizza?

        1. Deep fried pizza is something a few fish and chip shops do with very low grade prepacked thick based pizza. It's nothing like anything you get in the States and its really not anything like how the vast bulk of pizza is eaten in the Scotland or the UK for that matter. It's a bit of a throw back to a time before there were many eateries with servicable pizza ovens.

          1. I've had it at Forcella in Brooklyn, and, while I have the greatest respect for Giulio Adriani's doughmaking skills, the Montanara wasn't thrilling.

            I have yet to meet any serious pizza obsessive that's been all that amped about Neapolitan fried pizza. It's great in theory- anything fried HAS to be better, right? But in practice... meh.