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Baking From: Great Coffee Cakes, Sticky Buns, Muffins & More by Carole Walter

Anyone want to join me? I just got this cookbook and there are so many inspiring recipes. I can see myself cooking my way through the book. I know some of the posters on the " What are you Baking" threads also have this book as they are how I found out about it. I'd love to hear which recipes are your favorites.

Friday night I made Jeff's chocolate muffins and added bittersweet chocolate chips and skipped the glaze. I've been looking for a great chocolate muffin recipe, so I can stop buying the ones at Costco LOL. I love the texture of Jeffs, so often chocolate muffin recipes come out more like chocolate cupcakes in texture but not these.

Today I'm baking the powdered sugar pound cake. I'm very intrigued by the whipped cream pound cake also.

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  1. I've made a few things from this book.

    The orange cream cheese muffins with pepitas crunch are wonderful. The method fo the crunch is weird and I was afraid it wouldn't turn out because halfway through the baking part of the crunch recipe it didn't look promising. But, in the end the crunch worked and was a great addition to the muffins.

    BTW, you should have made the glaze, I think it was better than the chocolate muffin and really added another dimension of chocolateiness without adding extra sweetness

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      It was a Friday might and my cookbook didn't arrive until after 7 pm so I was lazy. I'll try it with the glaze next time.

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        Oh, well in that case, carry on :-)

    2. Damn, damn, damn you. This book has been on my wishlist for ages. Every week or so I check prices on Amazon and AbeBooks hoping to see it for less than $10 since I practically never buy new cookbooks. But I just reorganized my baking shelf and may (may!) have a couple of inches if I squeeze it in tightly. That new year's resolution didn't last long, did it?

      1. http://www.carolewalter.com/coffeecak...

        handy the correction pages. And, Carol posts a recipe each month from her books.

        1. Her streusel is excellent. I have to check my book and look over what I've made. I've had that book for a couple of years, and it seems to come out of the bookcase fairly frequently!

          1. The cream scones are fabulous. I've made all sorts of variations on them, and now I always have some frozen, ready to bake off. The cinnamon-apple coffee cake is good, too.

            1. What a coincidence.. I just got this out of the library a few weeks ago.. on either Roxlet or Buttertart's recommendation! looking forward to trying a few things out!

              1. Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake (page 22)

                I made this with Meyer lemons and a tad less cream cheese than called for because it’s what was left in my fridge. Lovely dense crumb, and my guests are enjoying a slice with their coffee each morning. Unfortunately, two weeks ago I made a Maida Heatter Meyer lemon cake with a lemon glaze which I preferred to this one. The Heatter, at least in part because of the glaze, was more moist and quite a bit more lemony.

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                  I was debating making that recipe this week. It looks great!

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                    I've made that MH lemon cake a lot (but not recently) and it is very, very good. Probably one of the better lemon cake recipes out there.

                  2. I made the Brown Butter Almond Cake last weekend. We liked it quite a bit. Nice almond flavor, not to overpowering.

                    Crumb was more like a tea cake than a coffee cake or cake. The one thing we noticed was that the cake dried out fairly quickly. A little vanilla ice cream solved that problem, tho'

                    1. I love the Blueberry Buckle. I've made it with frozen as well as fresh blueberries.

                      1. Butter Crumb Coffee Cake (page 40)

                        Roxlet said upthread that “her streusel is excellent.” That may be the understatement of the month. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever made--or eaten, for that matter. And there’s a lot of it. The cake is made by hand; no mixer required. And it’s just superb. Carole says, “This is a simple cake that you will make over and over again.” Yep. I will.

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                          Joan that looks outstanding. I've made a note in my book...this is a "must make"!

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                            Me too.

                            I've looked at that recipe more than once and almost made it over the Xmas holidays. After seeing Joan's photo, now I've got even more incentive to try it.

                        2. Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Chocolate and Nuts [Pecans] (page 42)

                          Had guests coming to visit so made this for help-yourself breakfasts and snacking. It's a little fussier than some of her other coffee cakes since the chocolate needs to be ground with sugar, cinnamon, and nuts and the batter has egg whites folded into it before the batter and chocolate mixture are interlayered in a bundt pan and then swirled together with a knife.

                          I thought this was good, but not outstanding, although it is getting better day by day and certainly seems to be appreciated. Won't be high on my do-again list, though, only because there are some really outstanding recipes in this book.