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Dec 16, 2005 09:42 PM

San Diego Ultimate Poll Results!

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I too, can learn to post! And at long last, here are the results. You can probably guess who placed near the top just by quickly reading the posts.

We had a total of 13 respondents, which isn’t too bad and about what I was expecting. 5 points are assigned to the #1 choice, down to 1 point for the #5 choice. Yes, that does give a wild premium to the top choices, but probably deservedly so. Or maybe not.

I corrected spelling errors if I saw them, but please forgive if I missed one. And as far as I know the results are totally accurate, though I did disregard a second list of casual restaurants by one poster (think of those as an honorable mention.)

Hopefully, this will serve as a guide for some, maybe for a meal out over the holiday season, or during the upcoming Restaurant Week in January. Anyone care to discuss the list or point out any glaring absent restaurants?

And finally, the results:

22 George's at the Cove
18 A.R. Valentien
17 Arterra
13 Region
9 El Bizcocho
9 Laurel
8 Nine-Ten
7 Cafe Chloe
7 Marine Room
6 Pamplemousse Grille
6 Tapenade
5 Azul
5 Indigo Grill
5 Star of the Sea
4 Ba Ren
4 Donovan's
4 J. Taylor's (L'Auberge restaurant)
4 Mama Testa
3 Dumpling Inn
3 Mille Flueurs
3 Bertrand at Mr. A's
3 Shirahama
2 Bruno's (San Marcos)
2 Delicias
2 Parallel 33
2 Peohe's
2 Porkyland (La Jolla)
2 Sevilla
2 Solana Beach Fish House
1 El Agave
1 Jack's
1 Jordan
1 Pacifica Del Mar
1 Super Cocina

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  1. Thanks for the effort. I know you're the messenger, but how did Solana Beach Fish House on this list? I go there occasionally, and it's ok for a quick meal, but it's nothing special. Hope that's not a reflection of us San Diego diners. Reminds me of the last Zagat for San Diego published in 2002 showed San Diego diners rated Chevy's as one of San Diego's best. I do think most of us have better taste!

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    1. re: phil

      Well it's on my top 5 list of great chow. For me, it isn't always about a fancy meal. A great hole-in-the-wall with good food is a great thing. Be sure that you know the one I mean "Solana Beach Fish House" is a privately owned restaraunt in a strip mall near the Cedros Design District. I *don't* mean the "Fish House" restaraunt that happens to be in Solana Beach, thereabouts.

      1. re: ahavajava

        No confusion. What's your favorite dish there? I'll try it once more.

        1. re: phil

          O.K. Just wasn't sure. Didn't want people to think this was the seafood chain with the similar name.

          My favorite meal is their Yucantan Shrimp burrito. I also like their various pastas with shrimp (there are a few variants of this and I like them all). My husband loves their paella, although I am not a huge fan of it.

    2. my list would read:

      Pamplemousse Grille
      Bertrand at Mr. A's
      A.R. Valentien
      Laurel (old one)
      La Vache
      Puerto La Boca
      Cafe Chloe
      Marine Room

      Jack's La Jolla is still too new



      1. I'm surprised Indigo Grill is on there. I found the food there overthought and overwrought.

        Really much too much of all the wrong things.

        1. Bumping up this "best of" SD Hound poll from days gone by! Okay, 2005. The main voting happened at:

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          1. re: FireFlyFiftyFive

            The interesting thing is that most of the places on that list are still open :-)

            1. re: DiningDiva

              I was thinking that as well.

              Only closures I can see:

              Parallel 33

              Although Laurel and Jack's are very different now as compared to then.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                Star of the Sea is now a "banquet hall"