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Jan 6, 2013 12:34 PM

"day old" food?!?

Term isn't used much. More from my grandmother's day, I guess.

Used to have a supermarket that had a section of "less than perfect" produce all the time. Never anything ROTTEN, just not picture perfect anymore. Bought a 5 lb bag of ORGANIC apples... with very few bumps and bruises, for next to NOTHING... made some great apple sauce from them. Another time, came home with at least a dozen artichokes for dirt cheap. Only negative about them were tips of leaves... which you don't EAT anyway?!? Unfortunately, that market went outta business... miss bargain shopping.

Another market has a big rack of bakery items that are "day old". When I know I'm running low on bread crumbs, will buy a few loaves of high end "artisnal" bread with yesterday's "best-by" date... for maybe 25% of original price. WIll slice/chunk up and let dry... then grind for crumbs.

Another market will discount beef/pork/chicken from $2 to 50% off with 2-3 days left BEFORE sell-by date. Great for stockiing up on stuff... repackaged and vac sealed in freezer.

Do you buy "seconds" at supermarket?

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  1. If I can find something I need. Both the local Ralph's and Von's have a little rack in the back where the tarnished and not-quite-fresh are available. On Mondays, you can find the getting-close-to-the-exp.-date meats in a section of the packaged meat department.
    What I want to know is: what does Whole Foods do with all their leftovers...?

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      I LOVE when supermarket meats are getting close to the "sell by" date!!!

      In fact, just recently was able to score 4 packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts - originally priced at between $6 & $8 per pkg. - for a mere $3 each!! Their "sell-by" date was the following day. Into the freezer they went.

      1. re: Bacardi1

        Same here...I always look for discounted meats nearing or at the "sell by" date. Always good scores after a major holiday too!
        Recent post-Xmas finds were chicken breasts @1.25/lb; top quality store made Italian sausage and bratwurst for .69/lb; excellent corned beef for 1.39/lb.; and various cuts of pork for .79/lb. And they were all still 2 days away from "sell by" date (not that it matters, since most gets vacuum bagged and frozen right away).

    2. I buy seconds if they are something I need or will use in short time period. I do draw the line at badly dented cans. Probably overly paranoid but I can't get past my mom telling me to "watch out for the botchulism in dented cans!" LOL

      My favorite are the day old bagels at my local bagel place. Yum!

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        I used to buy the bag of day old bagels at Bueggersfor $2.99 for my kids, until I found out that Wednesdays they sell fresh bales for $6.29 a baker's dozen. Less money, Ic choose the assortment and they are fresh.

        1. re: foodieX2

          One of my frequents jobs when volunteering at the food bank is to check dented cans and determine which ones are OK. I use the same standard when considering dented cans for myself. If the dent is deep enough or close enough to the seal to deform the shape of the edge/seal or the edge itself is dented, then it isn't safe. If the dent is sharp enough to make the metal pointy at the ends of the crease, then it isn't safe. Otherwise, dented cans should be safe (but pay attention for hissing/spraying when you open, just in case).

        2. Iregularly buy the day old bagels nd onio roll at our local Stop and Shop bakery. Since I only like them toated, I o't need hem the day they are bked. bring tem homeand put them in individual sandwich size ziploc bags and toss in the freezer. I'll be damned if I'll pay 69 cents each and takehemhome and freeze when can pay 25 cents each th next morning. They toast up just fine.

          I also buy less than prime carrots, celery and onions to use when making soup and stock. I tie them in cheesecloth and pull out and discard after cooking the soup orstock. I boil pretty vegetables to o in the soup bowls when serving

          1. Absolutely, I love that stuff. My favorite find was a 10 pound bag of pinto beans for 25% of original price - I just used the last of it yesterday. The korean store I shop at has a rack of "day old" produce and I buy soup veggies there frequently. The nearest Safeway, a small store located in a residential neighborhood, turns over its dry goods quickly due to limited shelf space so I get good deals on crackers, cheese, and other miscellaneous things. And meat which is nearing its "expiration" date - great for freezing.

            1. Just today I found 12 heads of garlic for a total of $1 and 5 red peppers for a total of $1. I was at the market to buy both for quick use and went with those options. I'm now cooking with both. It makes sense to me on both ends...