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Jan 6, 2013 12:16 PM

Wrong-headed online food reviews that crack you up

I'm reading the "terrible" reviews of restaurants that I love just for a laugh (like people who go to a well-known fine dining restaurant and are turned away at the door for wearing shorts and then give it a 1 star review, including for the food they never ate) but this one is particularly crazy:

"Made a reservation at Commander's to take my wife out for her birthday. We arrived on time last Friday, on 7/24, and were given a nice table upstairs overlooking the garden. We ordered and received our cocktails in timely fashion and the drinks were great. We then ordered our meal and said we would like wine later after the cocktails. Took a long time for the salad to arrive. After finishing the salads, which were OK and nothing special, we waited 35 minutes with no entree, no wine list, wine glasses removed from our table, water glasses with no ice, and no servers came to our table during this time. OK, what am I missing here? Why is this place crowded? We heard this was very nice restaurant but we didn't see anything special. We noticed that our serving team of 3 appeared to be over worked with too many tables. I asked one of two men in suits, assumed they were the floor managers, about the lack of service and inordinate time delays and he didn't seem to care. So with that attitude we both decided to walk out: something that we have never done in 38 yrs of marriage. Another manager stationed at the front desk stopped us (assume he got a call from upstairs) and in a very stern tone said our food had just arrived. No apologies from anyone. Of the 6 restaurants that we visited, during another great trip to NO, this one had the worst service. Can't say anything about the food for we left after the salad course. "

Am I reading this correctly? These people waited 35 minutes between courses and then just got up and walked out??? Who does that???

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    1. I tend to ignore reviews that complain about rudeness, or lack of friendliness or attitude. I like to think nobody is ever mean to me because of my sunny disposition. My wife says it's because I'm scary looking.

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        Ha! I always wonder about the people who report extreme rudeness but make themselves out to be the picture of politeness! I like the couple who got turned away from a jacket-required restaurant because he had an Ed Hardy t-shirt under his jacket. The host was RUDE! But this Ed Hardy-wearing bon vivant was as polite as can be! Aren't they always?

      2. In fairness, they waited more than 35 minutes (if you include the "long time for the salad to arrive"). I have never walked out of a restaurant because of extreme delays, but I have some respect for these customers who had the chutzpah to do so.

        (I must admit, though, that 35 min seems rather short... if it was 1 hr 35 min, I would have more empathy!)

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        1. re: drongo

          Yeah, 35 minutes between courses is pretty long but it's not walk-out-on-your-bill long!

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            We once waited 30 minutes for the cocktail menu and water. It was an hour before ordering entrees. I vowed I would never be waited on by that woman again since it was our favorite restaurant and it has been great ever since.

          2. "These people waited 35 minutes between courses and then just got up and walked out??? "


            It wasn't just the wait, their server also never followed up on the wine order as requested, apparently didn't check back at all. They also didn't 'just get up and walk out'. They first brought the problem to the attention of the MOD. They left after (according to them) essentially being ignored my the manager.

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            1. re: kmcarr

              I know I could wait 35 minutes for an entree, but 35 minutes without a wine list, much less an actual bottle of wine? No thanks.

            2. That’s crazy - I would never walk out of Commander’s Palace without having the bread pudding first.