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Jan 6, 2013 10:38 AM

Why do my eggs appear curdled when I add almond extract?

It hasn't caused any issues in any of my recipes, but I've been noticing this for a while, and wondered if anyone knows why. Thanks!

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  1. more specifics please. Is it happening in a specific recipe, etc?

    1. It depends on the liquid you're mixing it in to. Example; when mixing certain ingredients in veg oil or oil with eggs, the mix will look curdled which is fine and will not effect the recipe.

      1. They just look curdled, but they are not.

        1. Right, thanks, I know it doesn't affect the recipe; I was just curious if anyone knew why it does this.

          It occurs in any recipe where I add almond extract to eggs, as long as I haven't already added any dry ingredients.

          1. The alcohol denatures the egg's protein?

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              That sounds plausible! I noticed vanilla doesn't seem to have the same effect, though.

              1. re: visciole

                Maybe it is higher %? I know lemon extract is really strong, mostly alcohol and evaporates quickly but I don't recall seeing its effect on eggs. I think vanilla is around 35% alcohol, but I'm not sure about almond. Does it say on the jar?

                1. re: babette feasts

                  You may have it there. The bottle says it's 90% alcohol.

                  1. re: visciole

                    whoooooweee! That's some moonshine extract!