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west hollywood inxexpesive eats

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My 21 year old son will be staying in west hollywood for school/work for 4 months. He will be staying in the Hollywood Blvd and Fairfax area. I would be grateful for some guidance in terms of where to shop for basic grocery needs, good reasonbly price prepared foods and recomended inexpensive sit down or take out. He leans towards sandwhiches, middle eastern, barbeque, burgers and the like but some healthier options are necessary too. He is not keen on oriental (his loss). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. One of the best burgers in town is at Golden State right on Fairfax. Highly recommended. Good Fish & Chips on Friday's there too.
    426 N. Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036.

    For Burgers I also like Burger Lounge made with grass feed beef. This months special burger is Smokey Wild Boar Burger - $9.95
    8539 West Sunset Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

    Good roast chicken and etc at the new location of Zankou Chicken on Sunset and Fairfax. I love their tasty Shawerma.
    7851 W. Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, 90046

    Really great sandwiches at Mendocino Farms on Fairfax at 3rd St. across the street from LA's Original Farmers Market
    175 S. Fairfax Ave Suite B
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Canter's Deli & Du-par's Coffee Shop, both on Fairfax are open 24 every day.

    For shopping Trader Joe's is nearby at Sunset & Crescent Heights
    Trader Joe's Los Angeles
    8000 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

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      I second Golden State. After burgers and beers (or a good root beer, if you choose), don't forget to try the Scoops ice cream at the counter. Can't go wrong with some Brown Bread ice cream.

      1. http://www.wehobistro.com/PDFs/menu.pdf

        Adjacent to the CVS on Santa Monica & La Cienega
        Corner Holloway & La Cienega, with parking in CVS lot for free.
        Really good food, with a bit of a French focus.

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          Great suggestions. Exactly the kind of info we are looking for. Looking forward to more recs and to trying the ones already recommended.

        2. I've had really good salads, sandwiches & breakfasts here:


          1. Are you saying he is staying at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Fairfax (which, by the way, is not actually West Hollywood) or in the Fairfax area AND in the Hollywood Blvd area? These areas can be rather distant, depending on what part of Hollywood Blvd we are talking about. It certainly will make a difference where he goes for basic grocery needs if not restaurants.

            That said, he could consider:
            Griddle Cafe for gargantuan breakfasts and hipster watching
            Pinches Taco, and/or Ricky's Fish Tacos.
            HoyKa for Thai Noodle soup (if he will consider such a thing despite his anti-Asain lunacy)
            Vito's Pizza for a classic NY/NJ style slice
            Olio or Mother Dough for wood-burning oven Neopolitan pies
            Pollo a la Brasa
            Dino's Burgers (but for their amazing chicken, not the burgers)

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              Thanks. He is staying between between Hollywood
              Blvd and Sunset near Fairfax. We will be down there later this week and look forward to trying out some of the recs.

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                BTW, thanks for the fish taco/taco recs. We are from the Toronto area which has lots of great international cuisines done well but the Mexican cuisine is still in its infancy here although that is now changing. Would love to try the tacos and any other Mexican offerings, especially carnitas....
                . This part of it is not about my son. It's about me...this may be my chance to expose him to Mexican and for me to indulge. Any further recomendations are welcome.

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                  Marix Tex Mex at happy hour.....starts at 3pm! Is very inexpensive and good too. Their short rib quesadilla is delicious as are the tacos.

                  Pink taco also is good....I like their tortilla soup.

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                    Good to know.
                    I picked Ricky's and Pinches because they are both quite good, un-gringo-ized (unlike the recommendations for Marix and Pink Taco, both of which are about as Mexican as Smirinoff vodka) and close to your son's temporary digs. Another hound - did someone say Servorg? - will hopefully provide you with an amazingly exhaustive link to a previous thread on LA's Mexican scene for your visit.
                    Nearby, there is Loteria Grill which should satisfy your carnitas craving (and teach you a thing or two about cochinita pibil if you've never had Yucatecan "carnitas”).
                    If you want to travel a bit to get greatness consider Marisco's Chentes/Coni's seafood.
                    Other contenders: Guisado's and Guelaguetza.

                2. While everyone has been mentioning restaurants of all typies, grocery shopping is found on Sunset @ Fuller, aka the Rock N Roll Ralphs, Whole Foods Market on Santa Monica & Fairfax, Bristol Farms @ Sunset & Fairfax for the real fancy stuff, and Gelson's on Santa Monica Blvd. @ Flores in Weho, which is a local highish quality place, yet has a very good salad bar that for $7.99 per pound should not be overlooked for a lunch, or light dinner. Good protein and veggie options.
                  Of course, all 4 of them have deli take-out sections, with experimentation required by your son.
                  Oh, one very good restaurant option that has not been mentioned yet is the Pikey on Sunset a few blocks east of Fairfax, formerly coach & horses. Really good pub food at plausible food prices, while the booze prices trend higher.

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                      Thanks. I will check out the grocery options this weekend. I suspect when I mention "pub food"' Pikey will become a must try place....

                    2. Just got back from West Hollywood. Thanks to all for the helpful posts. We stocked up at Rock and Roll Ralphs, got some prepared stuff from Trader Joes and checked out Bristol Farms. All good stuff.
                      As expected the Pikey was high on the list. Great fish and chips. Did not get to any of the recomended burger places but did try the Fat Burger at Gardner and Santa Monica. IMO a great burger. Wish we had chains like that in Ontario.
                      We paid a visit to Canter's which was a must go place because my son is a Guns/Slash fan. Saw the gold records and had a decent pastrami sandwhich. We had a meal at Cheebos which was not on anyones list. We enjoyed it-a lot.
                      Also tried the chicken at Zanko. Another solid recomendation.
                      I did try carnitas for the first time but not at the recomended places (it was quite cold and we did not think we needed to bring warm clothes to south california!). Went to el compadre on Sunset near Gardner. My sons fajitas were okay but nothing special. I did not care for the carnitas which frankly did not have much flavor which is surprising because pork shoulder is usually very flavorful. The service was indifferent but none of this seems to matter because the place was packed on Sunday night and we could not get in on Saturday.
                      Will try some of the other recos when we go back to visit next month. Thanks again for all the helpful tips and recs.

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                        For a chain Fat Burger does a good job (open flame grill).
                        Thanks for reporting back.

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                          Ithink the food at El Compadre is wretched. Sorry u ended up there!

                          1. re: katydid13

                            Yes, as Mexican food goes, it is at the bottom of the barrel.

                        2. All About the Bread
                          Tender Greens
                          Fresh Corn Grill
                          Baby Blues BBQ
                          Mendocino Farms

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                            Zeke's Smokehouse on SMB is long gone, but the orig Montrose location is still operating. The old Zeke's on SMB now houses a Mendo Farms.

                          2. A few of these have already been mentioned, so I'll just mention them again! Mendocino Farms (next to Target on La Brea and Santa Monica) is the greatest sandwich place around (IMO). The not-so-fried chicken sandwich is amazing. Tender Greens on Sunset and Vine is always great--healthy (ish) and always consistent. A lot of people have mentioned Griddle Cafe...again, IMO, STAY AWAY!!!!! Disgusting. And overpriced. I'd rather make a PB&J at home than eat anything there. Plus you'll be waiting for an hour. Zankou is great. Juicy Burger on Hollywood near Highland is a great burger. Also Astro-Burger (across the street from FatBurger) is awesome. Well, their garden burgers and onion rings are, anyway. California Chicken Cafe on Melrose and Mansfield is wonderful-fresh and healthy. For grocery shopping, Trader Joes is a staple, but also give the Fresh and Easy on Hollywood and Sycamore a try-lots and lots of prepared meals for one there. Hope this helps!