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Jan 6, 2013 10:26 AM

Seville (bitter) oranges

Anywhere to get these in SD? A recent trip to Mexico inspired us to pull out the 'ol Yucatan recipes again. Pre-California, we used to replace Seville oranges with a mix of orange and grapefruit. Hoping there's a source for the real deal here

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  1. Specialty Produce had them in February last year. Sevilles have a very short season.

    1. The season for Seville oranges is quite short but it is right now. You might find them at Specialty Produce (1929 Hancock Street #150, San Diego, CA 92110 Phone:(619) 295-3172). They primarily service high end restaurants but will sell retail. Outstanding quality, high prices. Check out their web site: (The entrance is by the loading dock near the rear of the building.


      FYI: The chemical compound in grapefruit that causes negative interaction with some medications (furanocoumarin derivatives that interfere with the hepatic and intestinal enzyme cytochrome P450 isoform CYP3A4) are also found in Seville oranges. Won't be a problem for most people, just a heads up.

      1. I've seen these before at Balboa international market and idiotically bought one to try it out and eat it like an orange, then I realized it wasn't for eating.....I'm sure the quality is nowhere near Specialty produce, just an option if price is an issue if they even have it in stock.

        Balboa international market
        5907 Balboa Avenue
        san diego, CA 92111
        (858) 277-3600

        1. Can can also make cheaters sour orange by using 2 parts regular orange juice and 1 part lime juice, preferrably key lime juice as they tend to be a bit more sour and bitter than the persian limes.

          Whatever you do, DO NOT try and use the bottled Goya Naranja Agria (sour orange). It is vile.