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Jan 6, 2013 10:22 AM

Best Chinatown eats?

Hey Chowhound. I live near Baldwin and Spadina for school and I'm looking for some good, relatively inexpensive restaurants in the area. There are a ton of options but they all tend to blur together when you don't know what you're looking at, and so far all I've done for research is skim through Yelp ratings. Any specific recs?

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  1. Yummy Yummy Dumplings on Huron just North of Dundas is delicious and cheap.

    And you're not far from Banh Mi Boys (Queen and Spadina) which is one of my favourite cheap and cheerful spots in the city. It's all good, but my favourites are the kimchi fries, fried chicken bao and squid taco.

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      +1 for those two options.

      if you're in the mood for italian, strada 241 is on par pricing wise with most of the more low-key places (ie. terroni) but i'd say the quality is significantly higher and portion better when you eat in (the take-out soup was probably 2/3 of what i've had for dine-in). the front half is a casual cafe.

      one hour cafe on spadina is a nice choice to chill out, do work, and eat a little northern asian food.

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        I actually prefer regular bahn mi's ...bring them home, toast them up. So cheap but tasty. There are two stores side by side, go to the one on the right.

      2. Swatow, Chinese Traditional Buns, King's Noodle, Dim Sum King weekdays.

        1. You are walking distance of lots of delicious and cheap eats. My 5 top picks within a block of Spadina and Baldwin:
          Mother's Dumplings
          Anh Dao - my favourite pho in the city
          Dumpling House
          KaChi - pork bone soup

          Kensington Market a number of spots that fit the bill. Explore!

            1. Rotisserie chicken from Sanagan's in Kensington Market. Better than Swiss Chalet and yet almost the same price or cheaper.