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Jan 6, 2013 09:20 AM

Taco Loquisimio - "Gourmet" Tacos in Lake Worth

Now open (as far as I can tell)...

Taco Loquisimio in Lake Worth.

At the previous site of Sheila's Conch. (Photo)

Apparently these folks have had a popular stand at Lake Worth markets etc - and perhaps even a truck - but now they have a storefront.

From Facebook., Dec 14:

"Hey Guys, The wait is almost over. Taco Loquisimio if finally getting its own Location. Its Located on 12th ave S. Dixie Hwy. The Loquisimo bulding should be ready by the 17th ready for business on the 18th.... Come by for the the crazy Taco experience"

(Alternate address for that corner: 1132 S. J Street. Lake Worth Fl )

It appears after some delays they actually opened around 12/23.

Meanwhile, PB Post had some interesting words last year - chefs previously worked at 32 East! And this...

"On a recent Saturday, they offered six kinds of tacos:

A breakfast taco with sausage, eggs, jack cheese and salsa;

Steak taco with grilled steak, arugula, fresh Parmesan shavings and tomato conserva;

Chicken taco with Jamaican jerk chicken and a slaw of Napa cabbage, red peppers, red onions and red kidney beans;

Pork taco with grilled pork, salsa verde and queso fresco (fresh cheese);

Fish taco with fried swain (saltwater fish) with wasabi aioli, bean sprouts and ponzu vinaigrette;

And veggie taco with grilled asparagus spears and sauce."

Reports will be forthcoming! (Very soon I have a feeling).

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  1. My thoughts might be considered negative, but this area's customer base is definitely not one to be ordering anything with wasabi aioli, bean sprouts, or ponzu vinaigrette.

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    1. re: freakerdude

      freakerdude...I hear what you are saying, but I'm a Lake Worth resident for 30 years, and we love creative, good food! About the "not being open when you say you are", that's a bigger problem, and not excusable unless in case of a real emergency. And in that case, PUT A SIGN ON DOOR AND DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Just went there for lunch today and liked it a lot! Had the fish taco with srirachi aioli, etc. and it was delicious. Wife ate the chimichurri taco and it was quite good also. $5 for the "special tacos" $3 for Mexican ones. Food is good, we'll return again, Hope this place makes it. Try it and get the word out.

      2. Was excited to see their Facebook post yesterday...

        "For the people who want a loquisimo taco, come by Monday thru Saturday from 11am till 8pm!"

        ...So I hopped in my car at noon today and drove the 10.5 miles from Delray.

        Got there at 12:20, starving and...

        Nothing. No one. No cars, no signs, no people.

        Hmmm not off to a good start in my book. So if you are going to try them out, call ahead.

        I understand they are new. But seems to me, there's no excuse for this if they're serious about this business. I left message so we'll see what they have to say.

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        1. re: CFByrne

          What a bummer, especially after making the drive. I will hit this place up some time before a show at the Bamboo Room one night. Moran's Italian Burger Bistro on 10th Ave is also on my list to check out in the area.

        2. Well that was short-lived:

          "For those people who have made it to the new location I thank you...For those who have not I regret to inform you that we will no longer be in that location due to financial reasons. I will be looking for a new location but as of now WE ARE NOT OPEN ANY LONGER.

          "The Financial backer didnot see what everyone else know, that my tacos are great.

          "I wont let that stop me from realizing my dream of a great taco place."

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          1. re: CFByrne

            That location is a tough sell for any place. Let's all hope that he opens up somewhere else where he'll have a much better chance at making it!