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Jan 6, 2013 09:06 AM

New suggestions for kosher in Paris?

My daughter and I are going to Paris at the end of the month. I looked through previous discussions, but wondered if there are any updates or new suggestions. I especially wanted to know about restaurants that serve what might be considered typically French food, but any recommendations are appreciated. If you know Metro stops, then include them since that's how we're getting around. We will also be in Versailles for a day. We will be staying in the 3rd arrondissement near the Pompidou Center. Merci a tous mes amis de Chowhound!

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  1. We were just in Paris last week and had some excellent food (although not all of it necessarily "French). A few highlights:

    Il Palazzo Opera (Dairy, 9th, Metro: Chaussée d'Antin - La Fayette)
    Very good pizza and pasta dishes. I highly recommend the garlic bread with caramelized onions and cheese. Prices were fairly reasonable pizza and pasta dishes were generally 12-15 EUR.

    Tib's (Dairy, 17th, Metro: Pereire)
    We spent the whole week looking for French onion soup in Paris and finally found it here on the last night of our trip. Great savory crepes and pizza as well as phenomenal desserts. They also have sushi that they were making fresh on site.

    L'As Du Fallafel (Meat, 4th, Metro: St Paul)
    Because no trip to Paris would be complete without a stop here. Eating outside from the window will save you 2-3 EUR per person. There seems to always be a fairly long line outside but it moves quickly. Also, although Mi Va Mi across the alley says "Kosher" all over the restaurant, it doesn't actually have a teudah.

    Yayin (Meat, 17th, Metro: Wagram)
    This was probably the nicest place we ate at all week, and it ended up being a bit of a disappointment. The seared foie gras appetizer with mango and date honey was great but the rest of the meal was rather underwhelming. At the owners suggestion we both ordered duck (I had the Duck Confit, my wife had the Charoset Crusted Duck Breast) and neither was really worth what we paid for it. Certainly much better duck in NY at Mikes. Dessert was nice though - my wife got a trio of chocolate desserts and I got their special St Honore cake which was great. Price for all the food and wine was about 120 EUR total.

    China Lee (Meat, 19th, Metro Stop: Laumière)
    Certainly not French food but very good meal nonetheless. Enormous (and delicious) wonton soup and very good, flavorful main dishes. Recommend ordering the hot honey chicken and the beef with peppers and basil)

    We heard good things about a more authentic French place in the 17th called Nini but we didn't end up making it there.

    Tons of reviews on restaurants in Paris at this site (although most are from 2 years ago so make sure to check if the restaurant is still there as places close frequently)

    If you are going to be there for shabbat I highly recommend eating at the Chabad of Champs Elysees - the food for great (and plentiful) for both meals and is a relative bargain at 25 EUR / person / meal. We ended up sitting at a table with a bunch of other Americans that we already knew (but didn't know they were in Paris) so it was nice.

    A few pictures of our food below.

    Enjoy your trip!

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      Thanks for your suggestions and the yummy pictures. Just made a reservation for Chabad. Can't wait to try some of these places.