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Jan 6, 2013 09:01 AM

What is the cookware Pioneer Woman uses?

Pioneer Woman's cookware looks interesting. I kind of looks like the hard andonized aluminum but the inside looks like brushed stainless. Trisha Yearwoods cookware looks like it too.

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    1. She uses a lot of Le Creuset for the show, but she admits many times that her favorite cookware is Lodge Cast Iron.

      1. Like this pic from her site?

        Looks like there's several lines of anodized exterior, stainless interior cookware, e.g.:

        1. Eager6 sent the photo of the cookware I am also looking for. Did you find out the brand dixiegal? Please let me know. good cooking to you

          1. They are using Anolon chef clad brand. I think the brand is available only at Anolon website.

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              Essentially, it's like All-Clad's Master Chef, only with thinner aluminum, to judge from the pictures, and a stainless layer on the base to make it induction-capable.

              Given that A-C is slowly discontinuing Master Chef, I'm glad to see someone picking up the baton. Aluminum lined with stainless is just too good an idea to abandon. I'd like to know more about the weight of the individual pieces, to be able to compare with MC equivalents.

              The Pioneer Woman pic makes the skillet look significantly thicker than it does in the photo on the Anolon site...