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Jan 6, 2013 08:55 AM

Looking for a Venice restaurant for wedding dinner

My fiance and I are getting married in Venice in October. This will be our first trip to Italy and we are so excited! We are looking for a restaurant to host our wedding dinner. My fiance is a chef so we are looking for a place with great food. I'd like a canal view and a place where we won't be out of place in our wedding attire.
Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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  1. How many people will there be at dinner?

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      Hi David. We are expecting around 20 ppl.

    2. Cannot vouch for the food, so this may be a pointless suggestion. But I was there in September and mid-afternoon went to the Hotel Danieli to have a drink at their upstairs bar that's a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal, S. Giorgio Maggiore and such. At one end was a very elegant wedding party clearly relaxing after such a lunch. Maybe 16 people in the group. Beautiful day, awninged terrace so plenty of shade and pinch-me view.

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        Thank you lemons! I will look into the Hotel Danieli. Since you have been to Venice, any other places or sights that are must-see?

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          The Danieli is likely to be very expensive.

          For more general advice and discussion on dining/eating in Venice, it would be worth your while to go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do a search for Venice. You will find dozens of past threads on Venice, with hundreds of suggestions, available for you to review.

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            This trip was my first in 20 years and I had one very rushed night in which all I got was gelato and a week later two nights on a barge moored on the Grand Canal with our own chef, which was great, so I am not whatever the Italian is for au courant on recent stuff. But do check the Venice threads as suggested.

            It is a superb town for walking, especially in the evenings; it's amazong how many people are only there for the day, and things calm down as evening commences. Plenty of fine architecture and art, and a great market when you can't sleep from jetlag, fish and vegetables too, near the Rialto Bridge. And, yes, the Danieli is hellishly expensive; I think my glass of prosecco came to about $15 incluing service. But three kinds of nibbles put out in generous quantities and the wonderful cafe attitude of "We're not here to rush you out, sit down and enjoy life." It's really a theater ticket with a drink included; I don't begrudge a cent of it.

        2. The Ca'Sagredo hotel is a beautiful palazzo and has some really nice rooms in which you could hold a reception. There is a balcony on the piano nobile right on the Grand Canal opposite the Rialto market. You could get some great photos here. I don't know what the food is like (other than the breakfast!), but the menus are modern and ambitious.

          1. You could check out Bancogiro. Right on the Grand Canal, I've seen several wedding parties eating there over the years.

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              What a lovely description lemons :)
              The Ca'Segredo looks beautiful. The view is amazing. My only concern is that the food is more mediterranean than Italian.
              Bancogiro looks great. Has a bit of a rustic feel to it. Shannon, you said you have been there? What do you think of the food?

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                I usually drink and eat bar snacks at Bancogiro . I hear good things about the food, and it always looks good. And it is right on the Grand Canal. I've spent countless hours sitting at an outside table drinking wine - I love it there. Of course, if it rains you'll have to eat inside (but that will be the case anywhere.) And you will definitely feel comfortable in wedding attire.

            2. this place has a great location and might be good for a function. Haven't been so cant vouch for the food. If you do a search for view restaurants, you will see that tthere are not a large number with the desired canal view, except for the major hotels along the Riva.

              Many of the venice restaurants are quite small, so you might want to look for one that would close for your function

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                Thank you for the info Shannon. Bancogiro is a great option!
                Lineadombra looks like a great option too! Ty Jen