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Jan 6, 2013 08:32 AM

Name of Tool that Jose Andres uses

What is the name of the tool that Jose uses (longs like long tweezers) for turning and picking up delicate food? My mom was drooling over it and I'd like to look for one for mother's day.

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  1. Cooking tweezers yields long tweezers but don't know the official name.

    1. I'm not surewhat Chef Andres uses but I think what you may be looking for is called mirabashi chop sticks and some of them are migthy expensive. Custom knive makers are now starting to make them as well.

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            Hmm, there appear to be many different tweezers/forceps possible. I know when I worked in Italy most of the restaurants did not have tongs and used these instead of tongs, and it made me mental. I have seen high end restaurants use them for plating garnishes and stuff hence the plating tweezers I suppose. I imagine some cooking stores would have them, and amazon might have the cheapest.

            And I totally want the samurai sword chopsticks on the next page :P

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              "I totally want the samurai sword chopsticks "

              Those are Mirabashi. Very popular now.

              1. re: TraderJoe

                I want them but don't think I will be getting them, I think I would get disowned from my fiancee if i started to use them :P

          2. I just saw him using them again. The tweezers are small and for plating, but he actually had a larger version of them for turning fish and picking up meat and fish.

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              large tweezers are tongs, are they not? Maybe tell us where you saw this and someone can try to provide a picture.

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                Are you sure they arent just big tweezers? I've seen 16 inch tweezers in a kitchen before, they are pretty huge.