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Jan 6, 2013 08:28 AM

Where to get Great Spaghetti and Clams in Oil and Garlic

Have a real hunger for a traditional garlicky spaghetti and clam sauce. I live in Delco so the closer the better but will head into Philly if it's worth the ride.

Wouldn't break my heart if the place also did a good job with meatballs though the clams are my top priority! Suggestions?

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  1. I tend to stay classic, so I'd suggest Villa d'Roma in the Italian Market or Bomb Bomb Bar-b-que Grill in South Philly (10th and Wolf)

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Second for Villa diRoma. Oldie but certainly a goodie.

    2. I would suggest Enzo's off 202 in West Chester. It's a bit of a distance, but well worth it. Follow Rt. 1 all the way down until you get to 202 and make a right. It's on the left hand side.

      1. I've had pretty good S&C also at La Fourno on South Street. Their tiramisu dessert is also out of this world.

        1. Ended up at Villa Di Roma, an old favorite of mine. Had never tried their Spaghetti and clams before but it hit the spot. Also shared some meatballs and the Villa salad. Salad wasn't as large as I remember but still really good. Granted, they drown it a little in dressing but for that one, it's part of the charm.

          Thanks all, for your suggestions.

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            Were the clams served in the shell? I always ask beforehand, and if they tell me no, I won't order it. That's usually a sign that the clams came out of can.