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Jan 6, 2013 08:26 AM

Swiss fare

Trying to find a Swiss restaurant downtown for great raclette, cheese fondue, cured meats and other Alpine treats.

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  1. Trestle on Tenth always has cured meats and occassionally features raclette and fondue (usually during the winter, so check their website).

    1. Great, will check it out.

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          This looks perfect. I will check it out this week and report back.

        2. I went to Heidi with some friends and what a great restaurant it is! Open space with an exposed kitchen, the decor not your regular Alpine kind of restaurant. The food: outstanding!

          Fondue lovers, this is the place to be! I sampled the fondue of my friends: smooth texture, tasty and… here it's available everyday.

          As appetizers we shared the Appenzeller Mostbröckli: their equivalent of meat carpaccio, nicely thin sliced, cured in apple cider for a month and then air dried. Light tasting with just a hint of smokey flavor.
          The raclette: tasty and creamy with intense scent the way it's suppose to be. Here it is served already heated accompanied by toasted bread.
          Main course: I opted for the Bobo baby chicken: baked chicken with roasted vegetable and a savory reduction.

          The menu shows a few of the Swiss specialties including white veal sausage/potato pancakes, venison/braised cabbage and a pork ragout/wild mushroom sauce.

          European draft beers available as well as quite a selection of wines. I finished with a perfect Tokay.

          All in all: this is a great addition regarding Swiss restaurant where this kind of food is available everyday at a reasonable price. Definitely a destination for the winter days.

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            That sounds great! I'm glad you checked it out.