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Jan 6, 2013 08:18 AM

Toaster oven for toast needed

I need a new toaster oven to make toast, cheese on toast and warm the occasional slice of pizza. The goal is to toast evenly and quickly.

I tried the breville compact, and it is huge, toasted slowly and while better than what I currently have, it was not very even. One great thing was the toast was crispier.

So.. I'm going to get a breville mini - unless anyone has a better suggestion.

Toasting is my priority. I will never bake a cake or roast a chicken in the toaster.

Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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  1. It is hard to get what you want with a toaster oven. You want slot toaster performance with a very different geometry. One generates heat (mainly infrared radiation) from many wires close to the bread. The other, with 2 rod or coil heating elements much further away.

    Before there were toaster ovens, my parents used the oven broiler to make open face toast cheese sandwiches. And 'grilled cheese' they used a waffle iron with reversible plates, in effect, a panini grill.

    When my Delonghi toaster oven died some years ago, I replaced it with a slot toaster and Breville panini. Neither really replace the toaster oven, though they did (and still do) the things they are designed for well. More recently I did get a good quality toaster oven (not Breville, but similar), and use it more for baking than for toast. Functionally it replaces the big oven rather than either of the other 2 small appliances.

    1. paulj is right. A toaster oven is not the best way to accomplish what you want to do. I ditched my toaster oven more than a couple of years ago because I used it for little more than making toast and was so dissatisfied with the toast it made. I hauled out the old-fashioned toaster that had been in deep storage and haven't regretted the loss of the toaster oven for a minute. I make a cheese on toast (really, grilled cheese) sandwich between two cast iron skillets on the stove top and even though I have a pizza stone, if I don't want to bother heating it up I'll reheat a pizza slice on the bottom of a cast iron skillet on the stove top. Works for me; might not work for you. But you might want to reconsider how to get the results you're looking for using different methods.

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        Thanks for the replies. I get the distinct impression I'll be disappointed if I get the mini breville, but don't really have the space for 2 appliances.

        How is it that my 20 year old black and decker worked so well, and now there is nothing suitable?

        The oven or cast iron for cheese on toast is impractical. I do it so very often.


      2. We have a cheap Rival, seems to work fine to me. Very handy for making cheese toast.

        1. from the replies I guess a 'toaster oven' isnt any good for toast

          i have a hamilton beach oven that I love but it doesnt even have a toast setting !

          that said any recommendations on a slot toaster that is reliable and not $100 or more? I bought one that looked nice but it broke in less than a year and it was only $20 which is all it was worth

          1. I've never owned a toaster that toasted evenly. All left either the bottom or top inch untoasted. So I got the big Breville and am pretty happy. It doesn't toast evenly, either, but it's more a top-side/bottom-side issue. The entire face of the bread gets toasted, but both sides don't toast evenly, the underside gets less heat. I solve that by flipping it halfway through.

            But it does make killer baked potatoes, fits a 12" pizza, broils a whole pan of garlic bread, etc... Saves firing up the big oven, a boon in Tampa, where it can get pretty toasty (you should pardon the pun) in my kitchen.

            Bottom line, I'd get the appliance that makes the most sense for you and your kitchen. :)