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Jan 6, 2013 06:09 AM

Osso Bucco Milanese

Looking for a great Osso Bucco Milanese recipe. So far Batali's and Hazan's look very good. What is your favorite?

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      1. Love the Batali recipe.

        1. Does anyone have a better recipe?

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            you didn't like it? Why? If we know what you don't like might be easier to find something you do.

            1. re: Nunzio

              I can't say I have a better recipe....but I would ask you what type of sauce do you want to serve and with what type of starch. Do you want tomatoes in the gravy/sauce? Do you want to use wine or stock.

              My recipe is is simple'

              * 2-3 inch cut hind shanks
              * Seasoned and dusted in seasoned flour
              * Browned and removed to a plate
              * Mirepoix
              * Deglaze with wine ( red or white ) or stock
              * Replace Shanks
              * Add Concasse tomatoes
              * Dutch oven or cover with foil in a 250* oven until fork tender
              * Remove shanks and finish sauce.
              * For a smooth sauce, boat motor or blender
              * Garnish with very thin sliced scallions.

            2. I think this is a very forgiving recipe: Brown salted/peppered shanks in the fat of your choice, then add mirepoix and a couple of cloves of garlic and saute them. Deglaze with wine (white is my preference). Add some tomato if you want--I usually do not. But if you do, take it easy: This isn't supposed to be a tomato-centric dish. Add herbs and spices (usually sage, bay leaf, and thyme) and rich veal stock. Braise until done in a slow oven (or on stove or on BBQ if, by chance, your range emits a blue flash and a puff smoke and then dies right in the middle of your dinner party). As for the sauce, sometimes I cook it down and use it as is, maybe adding some butter if I am feeling decadent. Sometimes, I puree it with the vegetables, which thicken it up nicely. Other times I thicken it with arrowroot or cornstarch. Really doesn't matter which you choose. Serve with risotto or soft polenta. I feel that gremolata is an essential garnish for this dish.