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Jan 6, 2013 05:39 AM

Pre theater dinner near Commerce St

I'm coming to NY next month, and have tickets to an off-Broadway show, very far off, actually, in Commerce St. Any recommendations for a pre-theatre meal? I visit NY fairly frequently but tend to eat around Union Sq or mid town. I'm from London, so different to what I can get in London would be good (e.g. not French or Italian). Thanks.

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  1. En Brasserie Japanese on Hudson St .or Commerce ( the old Grange Hall and I think it was Horn of Plenty before that) it's right on Commerce St.

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        Before it was the Grange Hall, it was for nearly 50 years the Blue Mill...

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          are you sure it wasn't Horn and Plenty and Blue Mill was next

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            Yessir--100%: had many a martini in the Blue Mill and when it changed hands and became the Grange Hall, knew one of the bartenders, as well...The Blue Mill/Grange/Commerce are (is?) adjacent to the Cherry Lane Theatre, and I really don't recall any other restaurant being contiguous to it...
            Note: just looked in the NYTimes website and learned that Horn of Plenty was located at 91 Charles Street...

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              Thanks for searching it ,, It was a great restaurant. My memory seemed to recall it on Commerce back then. But I am mistaken, Anyway, In my search for it ,, I came across this Cue magazine from 1981.
              It is amazing how many of the great restaurants at that time i.e. Joanna, Coach House, Four Seasons, Lutece, on and on,, most of them are out of business. it's like us looking back now and there is no 15 East, no Per Se, no Le Bernadin etc. A few I noticed are still around, like Keen's, El Parador, Capsouto Freres, more,,,, you have to scroll down to the restaurant guide toward the end , but I found it interesting who was advertising in Cue.
              Here's the link

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          Also Anissa (which is only SORT of French).

          Obligatory Minetta Tavern mention.

        3. Horn of Plenty was on a corner on the West side of Bleeker St. The Little Owl is very closeby (but no reserve--so arrive early), AOC, Perilla (which is mostly American) and Fedora are also nearby (but never been to the new Fedora).

          1. Wow, we're pretty blessed down here in the West Village, even among places open earlyish. Can you be more specific about what you want and how far you're willing to travel? For a couple of different ideas, Blue Hill is three blocks away. Very high end farm-to-table place, celebrity chef, President Obama goes there, etc. etc. etc. On the other end but still amazing, Empellon Taqueria is Mexican-styled (not particularly authentic, but delicious), great cocktails and small plates if you want to stay at the bar. We've got casual-cool Peruvian, great sushi, and about anything else you might want, all within a few blocks of Commerce St. and almost all open for pre-theater.

            One caveat: while almost everyone down here will serve a pre-theater dinner, few have an explicitly announced one like they do around Broadway. Let your server know you've got a curtain time and they'll take care of you.

            1. Big thanks to everyone. This is great. It helps that I now know what the area is called! Probably go for Mexican, since that is one cuisine we're still really short on in London.

              1. Hi Folks
                In the end I went to Commerce, which I really enjoyed. I had the 20 herb salad (which was fab) and the ragout. Great place for solo diners (there were at least 3 others as well as me and they didn't assume we all wanted to sit at the bar). Minor niggle - shortage of American wines on the by-the-glass list. The play was great too!

                Other food highlights of my trip:
                City Bakery for the French toast
                Le Pain Quotidien for the oatmeal (breakfast)
                Gramercy Tavern - never disappoints and I got a single seat at the bar with no queuing at 6.00 weekday). Had the butternut squash lasagne which was probably the most delicious thing i had all week.
                Maison Keyser (I was taken by a friend) - just as good as the one in Rue de Bac. Especially the chocolate tart
                Rare - good burger and excellent coleslaw