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Jan 6, 2013 03:09 AM

ISO Gazpacho recipe without capsicum (bell pepper)

Does anyone have a killer recipe they use that doesn't have capsicum (bell pepper) of any kind in it? Any other ingredient is fine. My favourite recipe is loaded with them so I need to find another recipe to use.
We're forecast to hit 43 degrees celsius (109 f) here in Sydney this week and I want to have something cold for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Here's one. You'll have to leave out the tabasco.

    What about other chilled soups ? There was a thread here that had zillions.


      i make something similar to this, but i omit the pepper, since i don't like them raw.

      1. Bell pepper is not a must for Gazpacho. You can just leave them out.
        There are also many variations in Spain
        Verde from Huelva y Sierra Morena area
        de Almendras from Almería sometimes served with Grapes in it

        1. Just substitute other gazpacho-appropriate veggies if it's your favorite recipe

          1. Thanks all. Some good recipes and advice.

            I've ended up doing an ajo blanco (chilling overnight) not a gazpacho after getting inspired by the local shop's private stash of fresh almonds they let me sample. I've made it with raw, blanched almonds and I'm hoping to cajole some fresh ones as pre soup nibbles out of the shopkeeper tommorow morning.

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              oh, i love that soup. some salty marcona olives and caper berries would be a nice pre-soup nibble.