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Jan 5, 2013 09:03 PM

Where to buy goat in Brooklyn?

I want to make West Indian Curry goat. Need about 5lbs. Where is a good place to purchase in Brooklyn? Thank you!

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  1. I've see it at new public meat market in sunset park - 5th ave and 51st st. It's looked good (and quite tempting) but I've never gotten it. Always been very happy w the quality of what I buy there and the service is nice and the guys generally speak good engglish for the 'hood.

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      Thanks Tex. If I purchase it there will review later in the week.

    2. Greenmarket on Saturdays @ Grand Army Plaza.

      LYNNHAVEN - Goat cheese, milk, yogurt, meat of many cuts.

      Another excellent place to find fresh goat is any Halal butcher in the Bangladeshi area around Church Avenue & McDonald ("F" train) or Coney Island Avenue and Foster (Little Pakistan).

      The meat markets on Church Avenue near the "Q" train also have goat in stock.

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      1. In Bay Ridge on 5th Ave in the upper 70s west side of the street. OK not so helpful (!) but the store looked really nice- they had a sign that said baby lamb and goat.

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        1. Alnoor Halal Meat Market, 149 21st St., bet 3 & 4th Ave.

          1. depends on where you are. My Met Food in Prospect Hts sells goat, as do Pathmark and I think the 5th Ave Key Food in the area. this tends to be sawed into even sized hunks (probably when frozen). Ive enjoyed buying goat in halal butchers, the little one at 232 Atlantic and also at a Turkish butcher in Sunset Park, now closed. I think my preference would be for a halal butcher, but goat is tasty wherever you can find it.

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