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Jan 5, 2013 06:18 PM

spending my own $$ this time

Visiting Sf in the coming weeks for business. ..would like to mix in a few good dinners. Highlights from last a trip 4 years ago- - COI, rue st. jaques, ritz-carlon, millennium, chez panisse. NOT on an expense account this time, so definitely substance /taste reigns over style! Looking especially for farm-to table or Über interesting SF experiences ( without preciousness/ pretense, if possible). Wine selection more important that froufrou cocktails. Thank you in advance!

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  1. SPQR has good food, good wines. Won't break the bank.

    1. For wine, I'd look at St. Vincent, Heirloom and the new Et Al. I also adore Bar Tartine, though others here may disagree.

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        thank you steve h., should have mentioned i'm GF, otherwise SPQR would be right on the money. absc - will so be trying St. Vincent, looks perfect! and depending on companions, so does Et Al. ; ) ! many thanks!

      2. My favorite wine selections are at AQ, St. Vincent, and Et Al.

        Also A Cote and Punchdown in Oakland if you don't mind a BART ride.