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Jan 5, 2013 05:43 PM

Special Lunch after Civil Ceremony @ SF City Hall for 7-11 ppl max!

Hey everyone!

I'm getting hitched Feb. 1st at San Francisco City Hall with a few of my closest friends and fiancee's mom. I'd like to find a really great and special ocassion lunch spot for afterward. I've looked into places like Att. Crenn, Saison, Keiko, etc. but none offer lunch services. Ideally, we'd like to make reservations for around 12:30pm. Food should be exceptional with interesting seasonal ingredients, creative preparation, and service to match; and most importantly (highest priority for my lady!), a very elegant and celebratory ambiance. Either historic and landmark, or just glitzy and *special*. Outdoor or courtyard seating could be nice. Would welcome any suggestions!


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    1. Why Absinthe, other than the proximity to City Hall?

      The decor doesn't lend itself to any special ocassion imo. It just seems like a pretty good and reliable brunch place for any day of the week. I'm looking for something more special, or at least with more interesting atmosphere.

      I was thinking that Zuni could be a possibility. The food and service are always good, though not exceptional. The decor and ambiance is excellent.

      My girlfriend mentioned Friday lunch at Park Tavern. Neither of us have been and we're not certain whether it would seem too casual or generic a lunch choice for the occasion. Would PT be a consideration for any of you over Zuni?

      Are any of the more interesting Michelin rated dining rooms open for lunch on Friday early afternoon?

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        Zuni was my first thought. It is one of my favorite spots for a celebratory lunch, especially with oysters.
        Many of the downtown "business lunch" spots will be open, but that does not seem like the atmosphere you are looking for. Unless someplace has a small private room?

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          The problem with the Michelin rating is that it is including restaurants like Betelnut and Burma Superstar which is not what I think you are looking for in the way of a celebratorial lunch.

          A few special occasion lunches I *have* been to (that have Michelin stars) include Kokkari, Piperade (my choice), Bix (another great choice), or Michael Mina (not my favorite, but a lot of people love it). One last suggestion would be Per Diem because they have this charming, upstairs area that could be sequestered for a private party and the food is pretty good!

        2. Thanks Carrie,

          Per Diem looks great and I'm going to pass by one afternoon this week to poke around. I think it'll be between PD and Zuni. I've eaten at Zuni before, how does Per Diem hold up food-wise? The interior space looks lovely.

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          1. re: OliverB

            I've only eaten at Per Diem two or three times, but I adored Bucatini with Pork Ragu.

            Considering their lunch menu is mostly pasta, sandwiches, and pizza, you might want to pre-arrange something with the chef for an extra entree (the Cioppino?) to be available. Since you are a larger crowd, something that the chef could segue into evening service might be possible to have ready...

            1. re: OliverB

              Michael Mina's open. Could be exciting with the new chef, I haven't heard many reports.

              Bix? Spruce? Epic Roasthouse? Waterbar?