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Jan 5, 2013 05:17 PM

Eater SF lists OAK eating choices (Oakland Airport)

I will say in advance I never eat at OAK since we rarely get on a plane (my husband has health issues that make it difficult) so I'm just listing this for others. Eater SF just published a comprehensive list on Dec 20th, 2012, covering both terminals, including some early-morning and "for a quick meal" options. Even better, they list which gates are closest to each restaurant!

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  1. They fail to mention the most reliable item at OAK, which is the Pancetta, Brie, and Fig sandwich at Vino Volo. Better than not half bad.

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    1. re: lexdevil

      >"Better than not half bad."

      Funny. So that means it is at least two epsilons better than 50% good. If "not half bad" means more good than bad, then "not half bad" must mean something is at least an epsilon better than 50-50 good/bad. So if it is "better" than "not half bad," then it must be at least an epsilon better than "not half bad," and therefore at least two epsilons better than 50% good. QED. And quite an endorsement.

      ( I had a free moment on my hands.)

    2. Thanks for the link. Nice to see Otaez Mexican there in the Food Court near Gate25.