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Jan 5, 2013 04:36 PM

Guisado's takes over La Esquinita

I loved La Esquinita, but hadn't been there in quite a while. But today I drove by and saw it's got a new coat of orange paint, and a new sign: Guisado's.

I'll try it soon.

1261 W. Sunset Bl (btwn Elysian Pk. Ave. and Downtown)
Echo Park

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  1. According to Grub Street Los Angeles, Ricardo Diaz of Cook's Tortas and Dorado's Ceviche fame, is no longer part of Guisados.

    1. mikey, michael,'s not new...or better said, it was new, a couple of years ago.

      the tacos are ok, the tamales a little less than ok and that's all we had in the few visits we made.

      hopefully you have better luck.

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      1. re: fgrade

        Maybe I just didn't get your point but I gotta point out that Guisados is brandy spankin' new. Like, this week new. Same ownership as the beloved one in east LA.