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Jan 5, 2013 04:34 PM

Best restaurants in HK for today / tonight / tomorrow?

I just landed for 36 hours in Hong Kong. I'm staying in Central at the Conrad; any suggestions for places not to be missed? Thanks!

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  1. First off - How many in your party?!!

    Since you landed on a Sunday - Family day for most, It will be a huge challenge getting a space at good restaurant for lunch!! That said, you can always solicit the help of the concierge!!

    Now, for the places. Since I noticed you are from the Big Apple, I guess western food is out?? Afterall NYC does have its fair share of great 'Western Cuisine' Michelin star establishments.

    For lunch, I would try taking in a Dim Sum lunch at the 3* Lung King Heen at the Fourseason. Great harbor view, service and quality of Dim Sum you won't get in NYC. If no vacancy, try the 2* Ah Yat Abalone restaurant at Kowloon's iSquare for equally spectacular view and good food. And if that fails, try the 1* Yan Toh Heen inside the Intercontinental.

    For dinner, try taking in a great 'Cantonese meal'. Again, nothing in NYC can touch what Hong Kong can offer. For the 'Best', try Man Wah at the Mandarin Oriental, Fook Lam Moon or the Manor in Wan Chai. Otherwise, if truly adventurous, head over to the ICC Ritz Carlton and have a good meal with great, unparalleled view at Tin Lung Heen. No Chinese? Then there's the 2* Japanese restaurant Ryugin in the same building but on a lower floor. (Offshoot of Tokyo's 3* flag ship),

    Tomorrow's lunch? How about some Shanghainese food at either Din Tai Fung in Causeway Bay or Liu Yuan Pavilion in Wan Chai. However, I am also going to go out on a limb and recommend Italian food at 81/2 Otto e Mezzo! Only Michelin 3* restaurant outside of Italy. Besides, apart from A Voce, Ai Fiori and Del Posto, there are not a lot of Michelin caliber Italian restaurants in NYC!

    Good Luck!!! and Happy Chowing!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thank you for this wonderful and prompt reply! I should have planned farther in advance - and, to stay longer!!

      I was admiring your posts to other threads, so I really appreciate the suggestions. There are only 2 of us, so I hope we can squeeze in at one of your recommendations!

      I'm quite tempted by the Italian, but am focused on Cantonese and Dim Sum, or now possibly Shanghainese as well!

      Will report back... Let me know if you ever need suggestions in NYC! :)

      1. re: christina_nyc

        Since Charles Yu gave mostly super high end recs, I thought I'd add in some value places with good food...

        For two people if you got some time to spare and dont mind waiting in line you could go early in the morning to line up for the Tim Ho Wan in Mongkok, just go line up a bit early, pick up a ticket then walk around mongkok or TST for 1 hour. Good value, no reservations, and excellent dim sum.

        For an afternoon snack you can walk towards the LKF area to Kau Kee and get the beef brisket and tendon noodles....

        I lived in NY for 2 years (spent most of my savings eating) and I dont think there are anything similar to these two places in NY

        1. re: tbtb18

          Agree! Your choices are good if OP has more time. But since the words 'BEST' and 'NOT TO BE MISSED' were mentioned, I thought I kind of mention places with great food PLUS great views as well. Otherwise, a great 'Won-Ton' noodle place will most certainly be one of my 'add-on' place!! (IMHO. there are NO places in North America that can produce a 'decent' bowl of traditional/authentic 'Guangchou' Won Ton noodles).
          Lastly, depending whether OP is first time visitor to Hong Kong?! A taxi ride all the way to Aberdeen and have a 'pick your own' seafood meal at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant might be a nice and unique experience?!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Never been to the Aberdeen floating is the food there compared to some of the better places in HK? is it friendly for 2 people?

            1. re: tbtb18

              Odd to see it recomended here - popular with coach parties, corporate functions and expats on top deck on a Sunday for the cheap buffet (free flow champagne and average food)

              1. re: PhilD

                I know! I know!! However, I just thought for a first time visitor to Hong Kong, this floating village and pick your own seafood idea might be an interesting experience! Afterall, even Bruce Lee when filming 'Enter the Dragon' picked the location! And I am a die-hard Bruce Lee fan!! Ha!!!
                Besides, the other alternatives such as Sai Kung, Lei Yue Mun or Lantau Island, are all pretty far and remote!!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Is there much of the floating village left? I thought you had refferred to Jumbo which is very big and very commercial.

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Up until my last visit a couple of years ago, a lot of Marine Hakka people/fishermen still reside on junks moored together inside the typhoon shelter. Guests to the floating restaurants still use Sampans to take them there. So, pretty much the same as the 'Bruce Lee' days.
                    As for the food of Jumbo. Even though its a tourist destination, actually its pretty good, surprisingly!!
                    So I guess, just as Paris has its Eiffel Tower with coaches all around its base, its still a worth while destination and as for food the 1* Jules Verne, right smack in the middle of this touristy landmark, is more than passable.
                    For someone from NYC, the unique ' marine feature' of Aberdeen is worth considering, IMHO.

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Charles - less of the Sampans now, instead little shuttle boats - which could even be electric!

                      1. re: PhilD

                        Electric shuttle boats? Charles - there goes your Bruce Lee-inspired piece of nostalgia.

                        1. re: klyeoh

                          'Motorized' Sampans are still Sampans!!! Ha!!!

      2. re: Charles Yu

        How easy are reservations for 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo? I heard a while ago that it was quite hard to get....

        1. re: tbtb18

          Very hard!! Might get very early or very late seating, depends on how good the concierge is!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I guess since I am my own concierge I would have to plan way ahead.....

          2. re: tbtb18

            Otto - earlier in the week OK - later more tricky. I think I need to try it again it really didn't do anything for me but it does get highly rated - must be a reason. That said my Italian friends also don't rate it.....

            1. re: PhilD

              Its a strange world my friend, its a strange world!!
              Da Domenico in CWB charges over HK$600 for a plate of 'Spaghetti a la Vongole'! It was good but at almost the price of a 'whole meal' at New York's fab Italian place, Babbo??!! I didn't rate it either.....!!!

          3. re: Charles Yu

            Lots of places Charles mentioned are tough to book. Forget Otto on short notice. Same with Lung King Heen for dim sum esp on weekends.

            I am probably one of the few detractors of Tim Ho Wan on here. Just don't get it. It's decent value for money, but the word "best" just doesn't belong in the same sentence w this place.

            If the best dim sum is what u want, then it's off to Fook Lam Moon or Lung King Heen you go, IMHO. Freshly made. None of this over-steaming crap I always find at Tim Ho Wan. For me everywhere else pales in comparison.

            1. re: Peech

              I totally agree with Peech! I was just hoping that the concierge at the Conrad might be one of those efficient/influential individual who might be able to pull some strings and help out their guests?
              Also, I just wanted to add a 'view' component to the overall dining experience, which unfortunately is also a factor that makes the reservation hard to get!! Sorry!!

              1. re: Peech

                Peech - you are not alone regarding THW - in my view I think it is rated more on price than absolute quality and variety. The trueism about dim sum is that quality really does come at a price, yes easy to get tasty and cheap, but in HK (and other cities) generally the more you pay the better it is.

                1. re: PhilD

                  Well, THW got its claim-to-fame by being given a 1-Michelin-star - an obvious attempt by the Michelin folks to gain some street cred among local HKers - and becoming the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant back in 2009/10, and subsequent 3-hour queues to get into the hole-in-the-wall at the time did raise some eye-brows.

                  Foodwise, I thought it was only known for the baked "bo lo" buns filled with cha-siu - served a la minute and had to be consumed almost immediately. You let it cool, and the ultra-rich buttery taste can be cloying.

            2. Thanks to all for the wonderful suggestions... Added to the list for my return! I had dim sum at Luk Yu - clearly not a best, but insisted by a friend... Fun at least for the experience. Also went to the Ritz, which was absolutely delicious with truly stunning views. Can't wait to try all of the other suggestions on my next trip!

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              1. re: christina_nyc

                I'm so glad you had a chance to visit the Ritz at the ICC and enjoyed the food and experience.
                Luk Yu!! Ahhhhh!!!! From a foodie view point, What can I say??!!
                Till next time!!