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Jan 5, 2013 04:31 PM

Anthology Closes

Anthology officially closed this week with no specific reason stated. Per the UT article, an employee stated they always lost money on the food. I had been twice, The first time, under the first chef, the food was cold and lackluster, the second time, under chef Bauer, the food was excellent. We were comped a few items and all swapped bites, so we got to taste a good array of food. I've wondered though, since they can't turn tables, how can they make money on the food without charging double it's worth. Your thoughts?

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  1. I went under the original chef and had a very good meal. However, on subsequent visits we opted to go late and sit at the bar and usually have a drink and either an app or dessert depending upon whether or not we were in the mood for sweet or savory.

    I really like the venue for music, I'm sorry to see it go, but I don't think the supper club idea was every a very good fit for SD. I'd like to see it continue as a (latin?) music location with perhaps the bar and bar food?

    1. I personally just came to enjoy jazz and found out this was the premier venue for jazz, unfortunately I found this out about a month ago and apparently I waited too long:0

      I think the way they made money specifically wasn't the food, the food was probably there for the same reason casinos have buffets, so that you gamble at their casino. In this case they prob wanted to keep you there to order more $10-15 cocktails as opposed to leaving to eat dinner and not coming back for w/e reason.

      As far as the reason it closed, from the limited digging I did, the owner said he is divorcing his wife and is tired of operating the place. He might just be cashing out and figures renovations are a costly scenario that doesn't guarantee more business especially now.

      1. Sad..

        Salty, you have any thoughts?
        Maybe another venue like the Belly Up to purchase or similar.
        Great acoustics.

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          We'll be sad to be losing a good venue. We really enjoyed playing there 4-5 times every year. Not sure if you noticed, but above the stage was a one-way window behind which was a wonderful dining room with a long table that served the musicians a great staff dinner before shows. Also more green rooms in the back that were well-appointed. This is something that's pretty rare in my world, and it was wonderful to have a place that thought to treat the musicians well. We are usually scarfing cold burritos on loading docks when we play this type of venue.


        2. This is very sad because the venue was great. The food, the 2nd time around was good. San Diego needed this but I don't believe SD is a real jazz town although they've become more sophisticated with the mixed influx the past decade. I think the place could survive as an entertainment venue without food. The real reason for closure may be the financials differences especially if a divorce is involved. Diva, do you really think Latin music would go any better than Jazz? Not unless they're backed by Qualcomm!

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            We saw some great jazz legends there the first few years, both up and coming and some legends (Arturo Sandoval, Pancho Sanchez, Joe Sample). The greatest show was Wynton Marsalis and The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, a HUGE booking for them that is rare to see outside of NYC. I think the Indian Casino's and their music bookers had really made it harder for them to get the bigger name acts in recent years (maybe they would be a natural fit to sell the place to) and the music focus shifted.

            In terms of food, nothing ever seemed to click...under any of the respected chefs. Everything always sounded great on the menu, but the execution was always off. I believe it boiled down to being like banquet food, because everybody ordered at the same time. No easy way to pull that off in that kind of venue.

            I really hope somebody snaps this place up, because it was an impressive music venue.