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Jan 5, 2013 04:26 PM

Group of 9

Hi everyone-

This will be my first trip to New Orleans and, as a food editor, there's a lot of pressure on my shoulders to not waste a single meal on mediocre food. It'll be my bachelorette party, so there will be 9 of us. We have reservations for a Saturday night dinner at Herbsaint, but I'm not sure what to do about our Sunday night dinner. Since there are 9 of us we def. need to go somewhere that takes reservations, but I don't want another expensive restaurant. I was looking for somewhere casual (a total dive would be good!), inexpensive, unique (we're coming from NYC, so no Italian or sushi please), and not too far afield (we're staying in FQ, but are willing to take cabs), but then the super casual places don't take reservations typically. I made a place-holder reservation at Squeal BBQ based on someone's rec, but then I've read some uneven reviews. Any advice/recs? Help!

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  1. Also, I forgot to mention we also have brunch reservations at Luke on Sunday.

    1. I wouldn't waste a meal at Squeal. See if you can make a reservation at Boucherie (you have to call) or Root. (Wait, Boucherie might be closed on Sunday, maybe you can switch Herbsaint (an excellent choice btw) tor Boucherie?) Or anywhere on Freret- Ancora will be closed Sunday, but High Hat should be open. Company Burger, Midway Pizza, and Dat Dog are probably not as "unique " as you'd want.)

      Serendipity maybe? Dante? St. Lawrence?

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        No Herbsaint on Sunday, sadly. How about Bacchanal if the weather's decent? No reservations but almost always room for a group.

      2. Try the Country Club in the Bywater. Not another place like it in the entire country.