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Jan 5, 2013 04:16 PM

Berkeley / North Oakland Sushi

We (South Berkeley dwellers) are seeking a new go-to sushi joint that also allows ordering-out. We used to eat at Take near Lake Merrit but felt the quality of fish declined. Then we were regulars at Mitama but the service there was very lackluster. So we are in the market for new suggestions on the sushi front. All thoughts and recommendations are welcome!!

P.S. we do love kirala but long lines and no take-out at the s. berkeley location makes it a little impractical as a regular go-to spot.


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  1. people I know enjoy geta sushi on piedmont for all the reasons you list

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      2nd geta for cheap take out. dining in is only 4 tables and 6 seats at the bar. best to call in order first.

    2. Uzen on College (near Hudson) is quite good, and Drunken Fish is pretty good (Piedmont Ave. at Broadway)

      1. Curious re your feelings about Mitama's service.

        Their sushi may not be 3 stars (I'd give it a solid 2 1/2)

        But I've always found the service attentive and gracious. What feels lackluster to you on that score?

        p.s. I also like Uzen for food and service.

        And while I like the sushi at Kirala, I also don't love the lines; and I've on occasion found THEIR service peremptory and unfriendly.

        1. Uzen. No idea about takeout.

          Musashi's good for takeout.

          1. Rikyu is good. It's a few blocks down College from Uzen.