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Jan 5, 2013 02:24 PM

Kale Recipes

Which recipes do u recommend?
There r so many to choose from on chowhound-

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  1. On its own I prefer it simply roasted with a little olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

    Other than that I love it added to
    veggie lasagna
    sautéed with onion and chili flakes as a "bed" for grilled salmon
    chopped in salad

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    1. re: foodieX2

      I second the motion! My wife prepares kale the same way as do you. She removes the midribs from the leaves before roasting, and I use them as a diced crunchy vegetable in ramen noodle soup, or "arrabbiata minestrone denso" (spicy thick minestrone).

    2. Get a pan SCREAMING hot. Add a little fat (rendered ribeye fat is amazing for this, duck fat is really good etc) and then throw the kale into the sautee pan. Its gonna hiss and spatter a lot, just toss it in the fat pretty quickly, put it on a paper towel and salt it.

      The simplest preperations are the best for kale IMHO.

      1. I might be old-fashioned in that I still prefer kale as an "add in".
        One of my favorites can be found here:
        I often use kale in place of the collards.

        1. Just made kale salad w pickled radishes and buttermilk dressing - this may be more involved than you are interested in making, but once the dressing and the pickles are made, they keep in the fridge for a while -

          Lightly pickle some radishes and/or carrots - these are great to keep in the fridge for snacking - pickle - bring to a low boil - mixture of apple cider vinegar and rice vinegar - add, fennel seeds, coriander, garlic cloves, little salt and sugar - add the veg when boiling cook for five minutes, turn off and drain when the veggies are still crunchy but slightly cooked - cool and chop, or quarter or whatever shape you like

          dressing - 1:3 mayo: buttermilk - add lots of fresh pepper, salt and lemon juice, shake or stir

          chop raw kale ( I have also had this with left over sauteed kale) -
          Toss all together - It's great - also had it without the pickle and added chopped celery (it's all I had).

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            1. re: harryharry

              harryharry, had this tonight and absolutely loved it, thank you! I pickled carrots, radishes and celery. I have more of all the ingredients and will no doubt have it again tomorrow.

              1. re: GretchenS

                That's great! Thank you!

                I made pasta w kale, Brussels sprouts, pancetta and ricotta-kind of copied from a friend of mine

                Always feel a little virtuous when I eat kale, like it negates the fat and calories!

                1. re: monavano

                  Absolutely. Made this a few weeks ago.