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Jan 5, 2013 02:24 PM

Landjaeger in Mtl.?

Anyone got a rec for a butcher etc. where I can get some good landjaeger? They sometimes have it at Loblaws but I'd like to try some of the more homemade/artisinal stuff if possible. If you have a specific rec for a place, let me know if there's anything else there that's exceptional so I can pick up a few things.


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  1. more or less known as "Gendarme" ... I know they have it at Hamel; I would imagine that they also have it at "La Vieille Europe" on St-Laurent.


    1. Les Cochons touts ronds makes a pretty good gendarme. I don't think they're at JTM in the winter. I seem to remember buying some at Queue de Cochon also.

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        Cochons tout ronds have their permanent stand at JTM; it's Atwater that they decamp at Halloween. However, I didn't see any gendarme when I was there right before Xmas.

      2. Thank you! I just called La Vieille Europe (it's closest to me) and they have it so I will pick some up tomorrow and also get to Hamel and Cochons Tout Ronds when I can. I'm pretty xcited to try this, I loooove the Loblaws version so if this is yummier then I am going to be happy happy.

        Anything else I should get at La Vieille Europe, anything special/exceptional to/by them?

        Oh and I asked for 'gendarme' - I assume that's the word to use in QC, thanks for that tip as well.

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        1. re: montrealeater

          they have them also at Salamico, Ville St. Laurent !

          1. re: FortyMan

            Have you been to Salamico? Is there anything you would recommend there?


            1. re: Simon Patrice

              yes, Salamico is great - you should try their Leberkäse

        2. Got my gendarme from La Vieille Europe and it was great, exactly what I was looking for. Also got some from their neighbour's (forget the name!) and I didn't like it. It was an orangey colour (unlike the oxblood colour I am used to) and just didn't taste as good, not as meaty or chewy. That said, I know nothing about this specific item so for all I know the second one could be the more 'authentic' but I def. preferred that from LVE.

          I got a mixed selection of charcuterie from the second place as well and it was all excellent, so I'll go back there, just not for landjaeger.

          Thanks for all of the tips!