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Jan 5, 2013 01:16 PM

Frozen Cranberry Recipes?

I bought a bunch of fresh cranberries after the holidays and froze them for future use. What recipes do you like to use them in?

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  1. Use them in any baked desserts (cranberry apple crumble/crisps) or roast them with other vegetables (I find they pair well with squash and Brussels sprouts). I also have used them in a portobello stew with excellent results.


    1. I make a lemon pound cake with cranberries. Also the December issue of Family Circle had a lovely recipe for coffee cake made with homemade cranberry sauce.

      1. You can use them in just about any recipe that calls for fresh, cooked cranberries. I like to use them for cranberry sauce when serving roast chicken -- a mini Thanksgiving dinner. Here is a link with lots of suggestions.
        As noted in that thread, I recently made the crust less cranberry "pie"; it was a cinch to make and delicious.

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            Excellent - thank you so much!

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              That thread seems to have a little bit of everything- even votive candles??? OK.
              I like fresh cranberry relish as a novel condiment in June or July, on a special grilled cheese sandwich where the cheeze is Cambozola. But as often as not, the year flies by and its November again, and nearly a year since I put together my off-beat grilled cheese.