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Jan 5, 2013 01:06 PM

What are your favorite recipes from The Joy of Cooking cookbook?

Just wondering what recipes you guys like from the book.

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  1. References are from 2006 edition and do not begin to represent how helpful the book has been as a basic guide to techinique. They are my personal, can't-be-beat faves:

    Country Captain Chicken-p. 434
    US Senate Bean Soup-p. 132
    Banana Bread Cockaigne-p. 628
    Pomegranate Molasses-p.236
    Flourless Chocolate Decadence-p. 729
    Caesar Salad-p.159

    When my husband and I served overseas in Italy, we were limited as to how much we could bring with us from Canada. I took one cook book as I was determined to learn 'autentica' Apullian and Abruzzese recipes while we were there (and I did, as learning to cook from Italian books is a great language starter). I brought "Joy" and this recipe for Caesar Salad which is so NOT Italian, was the delight of all the homesick teens that we taught. I think my husband made it 30 times while we lived in Italy and it never failed to bring a smile to the hungry-for-home US and Canadians diners.

    1. Sauerbraten -- the best I've ever eaten, including many in Germany.

      1. Cream scones. The best and easiest I have ever made. They freeze well too.

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          I agree with you here. People adore them

        2. Love the pancake recipe. As well the recipe for cloverleaf rolls

          1. I second the pancakes (I do the buttermilk). I also really love the cream cheese frosting. Super simple and amazing.