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Jan 5, 2013 11:55 AM

Nobu and Morimoto OR Izakaya Gaku and Imanas tei?

I can only do 2 out of the 4.

Looking for the best sushi with reasonable pricing. I know all 4 are pricey but I want a great bang for my buck.

Nobu and Morimoto OR Izakaya Gaku and Imanas tei?

Thank you.

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  1. Been to all of your above choices several times. All are very good.
    Best Bang for your buck is Sushi ii or Mitch's which we like better than the above.
    Sasabune is always great but $$$$ same with Gaku.
    If your looking for straight up Sashimi KYUNG'S is amazing near Gaku and Sasabune.

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    1. re: russkar

      I agree with russkar. Haven't been to sushi ii yet, it's still on my bucket list, but I second Mitch's, Sasabune or Gaku. All are great, but not cheap though. If you want reasonable pricing, I wouldn't suggest any on your list. It would also help to know what your reference point is for reasonable/bang for your buck sushi.

      On a side note, I finally made it to Kyung's and it's the same quality as the old Keeaumoku Seafood. Loved it enough to take my uncle back on the same day to pick up some sashimi for his dinner. My cousin also went for some late night grinds with friends while he was in town around christmas and loved it.

    2. Have not been to this particular Nobu but I will say that they really specialize in their other dishes more than Sushi from what I have seen.

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        Your right Nobu's best dish's aren't the Sushi but their Speciality items which will send the overall cost into the stratosphere. 4 small appetizer plates like King Crab Tempura or Hamachi sashimi w/ Ponzu are very expensive with a cost of 80- 100 dollars. Hardly bang for the buck?

      2. I love Imanas Tei and always feel like it's a really good deal for what I get.

        1. Gaku is probably the most reasonable. Also, I think their ikura is the best of the 4 you've chosen.

          Have you considered Sasabune or Sushi II?