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Jan 5, 2013 11:12 AM

Only in Brooklyn for 1 day....where should we eat?

We are visiting NYC at the end of the month (my husband and I). We will be in Brooklyn for 1 day (a Saturday). Where should we eat? We thought about Grimaldi's and Defonte's, but outside of those 2, I don't know much about Brooklyn food. Looking for authentic Italian, or pizza, or sandwiches.....for lunch and dinner.

We haven't even decided what sights to see in Brooklyn, so I don't know what area we'll be in......suggestions on that are welcome too. :)

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  1. You might enjoy Frankies 457 for Italian, and the surrounding area for some nice sights and walks.

    1. Brooklyn is a big place. You should probably do a little research on what sites you want to see, which would help narrow down the locations for your meals. There have been several "best of Brooklyn" type articles out recently.

      1. Seriously, forget about Grimaldi's. Better off going to Best Pizza, Paulie Gee's, or Sam's. Grimaldi's is decent, but not worth the line or the hype. Lots of people still respect it for it's lineage, but there's no one in the operation of the lineage (he is next door at Juliana's actually, and the pizza is better found elsewhere.

        As Seb says, Brooklyn is a big place. If it were a city, it'd be the 4th biggest in the United States. Same with Queens. Enjoy yourself and don't waste too much time on lines.

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          I havent seen any chowhond reports on Juliana yet, but I have a lot of faith in the old master, Patsy....anyone been, or are we waiting for it to shake out a bit?

        2. If Nathan's has reopened take a ride out to Coney Island and have a couple of hot dogs on the boardwalk.

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            have you been out there since Sandy? it could be a tad depressing

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              Nathan's says on its Facebook page that it's aiming to reopen in spring.

            2. In addition to what sights youre planning to see, will you be traveling by car?