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Jan 5, 2013 10:46 AM

Need Sushi grade fish

My friends are in the Flemington area and are looking for a fish monger/store that they can buy sushi grade fish. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Sushi Grade is an arguably relative you want properly frozen fish/seafood or are you looking for fresh seafood products. You should indicate which fish you are specifically interested in.

    I could be mistaken, but some fish like Salmon and Tuna are required to be frozen first for true Sushi Grade

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    1. re: fourunder

      I could be mistaken, but some fish like Salmon and Tuna are required to be frozen first for true Sushi Grade

      That's incorrect, and the term "sushi grade" is as meaningful as "all natural" in the food term lexicon.

      Fish is either fresh enough to be eaten raw (tuna and salmon included), or it's not.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I agree here is no universal meaning...and required was not the proper word. You can eat anything raw if you wish....however, by recommendation, the fish is supposed to frozen to -4* for an extended period of time(7days?), to ensure you kill off any parasites.

        As I indicated, the term is arguable at best,,,,but if you are going to quote me...then I was correct ....I was mistaken.. and you are incorrect.

        *Fish is either fresh enough to be eaten raw (tuna and salmon included), or it's not.*

        Anyone can eat.,..and sell fish in whatever state they wish and there is no standard to say what is *fresh*

        I seem to recall in a trade magazine the majority of Sushi and Sashimi fish sold in the United States and World was sold by True World Imports, of Rev, Sun Myung Moon fame.....they supply the best Japanese Sushi restaurants in Philadelphia and New York City, including Matsuhara Morimoto and Nobu Matsuhisa, with FROZEN fish for their highly notable menu items in their restaurants. I even recall when Morimoto first ventured out on his own, he stockpiled (reserved, commited), to a large amount of Toro/Tuna Belly specifically for his it was aired on a Food Network Special highlighting the *Secret Warehouse* located somewhere in the NYC area...which was actually right off Exit 13 in BayWay Elizabeth off the New Jersey Turnpike.

        1. re: fourunder

          Sun Myung Moon of the cult? Seriously?

          1. re: jrvedivici

            Yup....He cornered the market...


            *An avid fisherman, he ran a lobster operation in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and owned True World Foods, a Chicago-based company that, according to a 2006 Chicago Tribune investigation, supplied raw seafood to more than 75 percent of the nation’s 9,000 sushi restaurants. *

            btw.... next time you head up the Turnpike in between Exits 13A and 13....look to the West and you can see the's a dark grey or faded black in color.

    2. Twenty minutes away. Up Rt 31 North, then East a bit on Rt 22.

      Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet
      1320 U.S. 22
      Lebanon, NJ 08833

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      1. re: njfreqflyer

        I don't know if Metropolitan Seafood has the quality that the OP is seeking BUT MS should know where it can be obtained.

        As far as I know, 'sushi grade fish' is a perfectly acceptable phrase although 'sushi grade seafood' would be even better. The word 'sushi' does not refer just to the rice part.

        'Sashimi grade fish' is also perfectly acceptable.

        1. re: ambrose

          Metropolitan Seafood does carry appropriate grade fish, and I've used them several times for sashimi. Note, however, that not every item of a particular day's inventory is going to be that quality. Call ahead to see what they have. The owner, Mark Drabich, is a great guy.

          1. re: njfreqflyer

            I'm curious as to what is, as your idea, of sushi/sashimi grade fish or *quality*

            1. re: fourunder

              Um ... fish fresh enough and handled correctly to be eaten raw. I suspect that none of the fish available at a local supermarket is appropriate to be eaten raw regardless of what the fish counter staff might say (well, at least I don't think I'd be that trusting). On the other hand, I would trust a knowledgable fish monger (e.g., Mark and his staff at Metropolitan Seafood) when he says I can eat raw a particular fish that he's selling.

              1. re: njfreqflyer

                Thanks....any particular favorites?

        2. re: njfreqflyer

          Metro goes to the Stockton Market on Fri, Sat and Sun, which would be closer to Flemington than Lebanon. If you call the store ahead of time they will bring your order to Stockton for pickup. :-)

        3. Actually, you're looking for sashimi grade fish. Sushi is the rice part. It's a haul from Flemington, but my go-to place is Mitsuwa marketplace in Edgewater. Worth every moment it takes to get there.

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          1. Costco yellowfin is good. You can still eat fresh tuna raw. I do when tuna fishing and I'm still alive lol

            1. Thanks everyone for the info. I will let my friends know.
              Sorry, according to some, that I kinda worded it incorrectly, but, IMHO it's bait. LOL We don't eat it. Thanks again!