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Jan 5, 2013 10:42 AM

Black Hoof Tonight

Was planning on going to the black hoof tonight with friends (might just be two people total, or may be 3 or 4). Just wondering: is there still a lengthy wait for a table? We were planning on going at that a bad idea?

Also, any recommendations on the food? I think they changed chefs recently, right?

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  1. You' can always wait at the BH Cocktail Bar across the street.

    1. My experiences with a party of 4 on a mild weekend night at 7:30? - You are looking at a 45-60 min wait. I am not a fan of Cocktail Bar, but if you must have a drink before dinner, it's either that or Magpie (7 min walk).

      We were there before Christmas. There was no noticeable changes in terms of quality. Since the menu changes very frequently, I cannot really comment on variations since the new chef. The good ol' staples still stood strong: charcuterie, foie (they usually have new twists on this monthly), carnita tacos, and bone marrow.

      Enjoy your dinner!

      1. I like grabbing apps at Raw Bar while
        waiting for my table at the Hoof, if that's an option. Surf and turf, baby...

        1. Thanks all for the info.