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Jan 5, 2013 10:17 AM

2013 new beer-focused places, Oakland and beyond

Excellent summation by Jen of Beer Revolution here:

Oakland is looking forward to 8 openings; some of these I had heard about elsewhere, some not. 2 sausage/beer places slated to open within a month (Rosamunde opens Wednesday 1/9).

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  1. Not exactly a beer-focused restaurant, but I discovered recently that Drake's Brewery in San Leandro now has a tasting room/retail outlet:

    "Located in the gritty environs of industrial San Leandro, we offer both indoor and outdoor seating, and up to 24 different Drake’s beers on tap, including all of our regular styles, some on nitro and cask, hard to find seasonals and specialties, and a few of our barrel-aged beers. Taster trays are available, as are growler fills, six-packs, 22 oz. “bombers,” and kegs, to-go. While we don’t serve any food on-site, we have weekly visits from food trucks, and you’re welcome to B.Y.O.F., or order delivery from one of the many local restaurants."

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I stopped by Drake's tasting room a while ago (more than a year, I think). It's a pretty nice space, if you ignore the large shopping center adjacent to Drake's. They had a few barrel-aged brews there that I haven't seen anywhere else, a couple that fans of Russian River's sours would probably like.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Yes, Drake's Barrel House is great. Best place for a growler fill in our area by far. Fists of Flour seems to be the most frequent food truck offering. If it's near mealtime, I sometimes take a salumi and cheese spread with me.

        Next red-letter date on their calendar is February 2nd's Hopocalypse release. A very well-attended event, beginning at 10am for those who can't wait to start their day with 9-12.5% IPAs. Fists of Flour are preparing pizzas especially meant to pair with the beers.

        1. re: Pius Avocado III

          Dang, Feb 2nd will be beer-filled, for sure - forgot about the Hopocalypse release, and Beer Revolution's having their 3rd anniversary blowout that day as well.

      2. Went to Rosamunde today for the first lunch service; ordered takeout.

        The space manages a warm feel despite the concrete floor thanks to plenty of wood and earthy tones on the wall treatments. Grateful Dead on the sound system.

        7 picnic-sized wooden communal tables and 5 barstools, with a low-fenced area outside for overflow or perhaps future tables; 9 or 10 beers on tap. Beers I would've ordered had I eaten in were Rodenbach Grand Cru and/or Rasputin Imperial Stout, both of which can be had in more comfortable surroundings fairly frequently around the corner, if strictly speaking about beer. 2 or 3 handles seemed to be offline; we'll see where they take the beer program. A Ninksasi (Eugene) sign figured prominently behind the counter.

        My wild boar sausage with apple and cranberry, topped off with sweet peppers, kraut and honey wasabi mustard ($6.50) would've been a precise rendition of the fare at the Haight location if not for the takeout factor; my order came out to stay, and in transferring it an act of violence was perpetrated on the bun. Opening kink- they were slammed.