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Jan 5, 2013 09:20 AM

Tavro 13 tonight...any recs?

It's all of 10 minutes from my house but finally going to try Tavro 13 in Swedesboro tonight (I guess that counts as "Jersey burbs"? I never know whether to post South Jersey stuff here or on the NJ board...) Been surprised at the lack of reviews/feedback yet given the initial buzz. Anyone been and have any recs of must-try dishes?

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  1. I haven't been and can't speak from experience, but as you may know, Terence Feury is kind of famous for having a deft hand with seafood. Also, looking at the menu, it looks like his lamb belly dish from Fork is available at Tavro 13, I'd recommend that, though again I haven't been there, I've just had that dish (or something close to it) at Fork.

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      The lamb belly looked interesting to me as well, and thanks for the rec re: seafood. I never managed to make it to Fork, just happy to see some (hopefully) better dining options coming to the area.

      I'll be sure to post my thoughts after the dinner...

      1. re: Buckethead

        OK, just back from dinner. Overall a really excellent experience start to finish, really the only place I've been since moving to this part of South Jersey that had that Philadelphia restaurant "feeling". I can't wait to go back and try more of the menu.

        I had the lamb belly as recommended - our server practically swooned as soon as I mentioned it so I knew I was ordering a good choice. Sweetie had the sardines which were delicious and light, and served with a gratis glass of aquavit. We both had fish for entrees: him the King Salmon, me the swordfish (my first choice was the sea bass but it was already sold out by 7:30 on a Saturday night.) I honestly can say the swordfish was the best I've ever had in a restaurant...I commented on how unbelievably tender it was and apparently it is prepared first sous vide before a final finishing grill...simply superb.

        Two decadent desserts (when at most we normally only share one)...I had to have the flourless chocolate cake, he had the lemon-olive oil cake. Overall the only kinks I can see at this point is they were out of several items on the menu/from the bar (supposedly due to a couple big parties earlier that had bought them out) and slightly "green" but very friendly service.

        And, apparently LaBan was just there last night so I assume a review from him should be soon in the works. Anyway, I'll have my own full write-up in my blog tomorrow...I have to sleep off this near food-coma first.

      2. Just wanted to follow-up again...we were there again last night with a friend and it was another great meal. We were able to try a lot more of the menu and enjoyed it all - highlights were the black sea bass with walnut romesco sauce and, rosemary and pistachio panna cotta and most especially, the Berkshire Pork Roast which is a new item on the menu. The pork was both a) huge and b) addictively delicious. If you love good pork this is a dish to go out of your way to try (and I'm super-fussy with my pork since my family raises our own pastured pigs).

        Had some lovely drinks from the bar as well - as a bourbon fan their Old Fashioned is top notch - and we had the chance to talk with one of the owners for quite a while after the meal as well. It was really nice going on a quiet weeknight to get to linger and chat, and the servers were all really great - very excited and knowledgeable about the food.

        I definitely recommend checking out Tavro 13 and I hope they are able to succeed in the area. It's so nice to finally have a restaurant of this quality near home.