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Jan 5, 2013 09:16 AM

Do you need to refrigerate dried beans while soaking them?

I made a white bean soup recently, using a recipe for the first time. Recipe said to soak the beans overnight, in the fridge. First time I ever remember this recommendation. I'm curious. Is it necessary? Would it make a difference in the soup?

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  1. They could start to ferment but not usual and bringing cold beans up to a simmer takes a little longer.
    Soaking in a brine yields better beans and will not ferment.
    Lots of other threads on these boards.

    1. Good question Cathy. I've been soaking beens for years and never once put them in the fridge. I always leave the bowl on the counter in the kitchen. That said, we do keep our home at a cool temp (65-68°F).

        1. I've never refrigerated and only once had a fermenting problem (hot summer and I let them sit too long).

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            Exactly the same as my experience!

          2. I used to think not, but then I had a bowl of beans get funky on me, even though they were only soaking for about 8 hours. So now I soak in the fridge.

            If you're short on space in the fridge, I've had great success with the quick soak method. Cover the beans with water, bring to a boil, turn off heat and cover for 1 hour, drain and process as if the beans had soaked overnight.